Electrical & Electronics

Applus+ Laboratories works together with manufacturers of electrical and electronic products and devices, helping them to enhance product competitiveness and gain the necessary international certifications to achieve global market Access.


Our network of multidisciplinary laboratories can verify the safety, quality, functionality and reliability of a product over the course of its life cycle. Our services include:


Applus+ is armed with extensive regulatory know-how, as well as all the recognitions, accreditations and agreements required to manage global conformity programmes for electrical, electronic and radio products across all of the world’s main markets, including Europe (CE), the USA (FCC), Canada (IC), Japan (VCCI) and the Republic of Korea (KC).


Applus+ supports manufacturers in developing and validating the quality and reliability of their IoT products and services. Our IoT Lab has both the necessary connectivity and the IoT network simulators (NB-IoT, LTE-M, Lora, Sigfox and Weightless, amongst others), as well as all the requisite equipment, to be able to test an IoT project through to proof of concept. Once an idea has been validated, Applus+ can then facilitate its industrialisation thanks to its network of partners: engineers, user-interface designers and cloud-service providers. Applus+ has also developed its own IoT quality mark, Applus+ IoT Certified, which helps manufacturers to provide end customers with technical assurances regarding the quality of the solution in question.
Depending on a given IoT application’s level of risk (sensitive data, critical infrastructure, brand-related risks), Applus+ can also carry out cybersecurity evaluations on IoT devices, communications and back-ends in order to assess their resilience in the face of the most advanced forms of attack