Structural Testing


Applus+ Laboratories is the leading European company for structural testing. Combining the capabilities of our laboratories in Germany and Spain, we support manufacturers in the development and validation of their products.​ Our testing capabilities cover everything from materials to full-scale tests, to whole aircrafts or railcar bodies. ​​Our expertise encompasses knowledge about advanced materials, such as composite, polymeric, and metallic types.


  • Static and fatigue tests to evaluate strength, durability, and operational stability of components and structures.
  • High-load uniaxial testing on small to large components up to 15 MN (flat panels, bridge cables, huge fasteners). ​
  • Multiaxial tests for components with complex loads (curved panels, wind turbine blades, car chassis, or rocket structures).​
  • Ad-hoc Test Rigs:  When the size or the complexity of the tests require ad-hoc solutions, our engineers calculate, design, and manufacture specific test rigs, to be operated in our labs or in our client facilities.
  • Testing under controlled thermal conditions, from cryogenic to high temperatures, using advanced data acquisitions and test monitoring systems.


Our engineers help optimize products both in development and in service, using numerical simulation and strength evaluations.  ​

  • FEM Analysis: static, fatigue strength, and dynamic analysis.​
  • Strength Evaluations: calculate and verify the strength of your designs, combining finite elements and strength tests. 




Over the last decades we’ve been involved in the development cycles of key industries, testing the mechanical strength, durability and safety of their products, components, vehicles and aircrafts. ​


Applus+ Laboratories is an approved strategic provider of structural mechanical testing for major aerospace manufacturers. We test all kinds of aircrafts, rotorcrafts, and spacecrafts structures and components.​​

  • Complete aircrafts​
  • Panel Testing (flat and curved)​
  • Components​
  • Engines​
  • Landing Gears​

Our structural testing laboratory upholds strict quality criteria, certified under the aerospace sector’s ISO 9100 standard. ​



Our structural lab's partnerships with wind turbine manufacturers allow us to test the mechanical loads and environmental influences on materials, components, and structures.​

We perform bespoke test plans to help you optimise your components and set the right testing methods required for certification. We have extensive facilities for performing cyclic and quasi-static rotor blade tests under IEC 61400-23. ​


Applus+ Laboratories provides stability, reliability, and development testing for automobile components and structures:​

  • Complete Vehicles and Vehicle Bodies
  • Chassis and Chassis Components
  • Engines and Engine Components
  • Transmission Components


We are an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory enabled to test:​

  • Complete rail car bodies according to EN 12663-1 ​
  • Bogies and bogie frames according to EN 13749 for all types of trains (trams, locomotives, freight or passenger trains).​ 

We also perform tests for OEM-specific standards and can carry out design and test plans with your own specific load requirements.​ We work to verify strength, stability, and durability on full-scale structures and test a large range of substructures and smaller components too (e.g. axle boxes according to EN 12082). ​


Applus+ Laboratories has been partnering with the construction industry for the past 100 years. Throughout this trajectory, we have amassed the equipment, accredited laboratories and technical specialists necessary to undertake the mechanical validation of enclosures, construction materials, building systems, structural bearings and waste channels, and grates. ​​In addition, our laboratories have been audited by EOTA-approved bodies, allowing the structural testing of reactive bridge components.

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