We characterize and measure the properties of lighting.


Our photometry experts can help you characterize and measure the properties of your lighting devices to improve their features and meet the highest industry standards.

Equipment and capabilities



Photometric matrix
We can perform the photometric solid characterization of a light source, as well as directional spectral characterization within the visible range. In addition, we have a tunnel that allows us to configure an optical axis of up to 25 meters, which also includes system to ensure that intrusive light can be shielded successfully.

We can measure luminance with a measurement angle of up to 0.1° and color coordinates in the visible spectrum. We also have the capability to configure a measurement system that uses sunlight simulation of up to 40,000 lx on the emitting surface (the panel).


ULBRICHT SPHERES - D 1,5 m & D 0,5m    

Luminous flux and color coordinates.
We can integrate luminous flux in absolute and/or relative value, and conduct integrated spectral characterization.

Reflectance and transmittances.
We also conduct reflectance and transmittance measurement based on standard illuminant type CIE A.



Directional Parameterization and Calibration.
We have a drectional calibration rail that measures up to 6m, and that is equipped with movable shielding panels and diaphragms. This asset is suitable for lux meter calibration and other medium optical equipment, as well as the parameterization light-emitting diode reference axis.


Tests and measurements    

  • Light intensity (cd/klm) 
  • Luminous flux (lm) and Efficiency (lm/W)  
  • Luminance 1º, 0.1º and 0.1º ( cd/m2 )   
  • Polar CG / rectangular HV diagrams  
  • Isolux diagrams for light distribution curves 
  • Glare tables  
  • Spectral parameterization  
  • Chromatic coordinates x,y u,v u',v'  
  • Color temperature and color rendering index.  
  • Other services 


Certification and global market access    

Our regulatory and certification experts can help you swiftly navigate market requirements and manage tests and certifications for electrical safety, EMC, energy efficiency, explosive atmospheres, etc.   

All of this can be done through GMA+, our new app that allows you to consult our regulatory database and follow the progress of each certification project. 


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