Industry & Transport

Applus+ Laboratories works with manufacturers of industrial, rail and maritime products to ensure that these products comply with safety, quality and reliability requirements.


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We have a network of multidisciplinary, ISO 17025-accredited laboratories to carry out:

  • Materials and structural testing
  • Fire safety testing
  • EMC and electrical safety testing
  • Wireless devices testing
  • Climatic and vibration testing
  • Cybersecurity assessments


Our engineers also specialise in developing bespoke test systems, whether to validate products under development or to monitor the production line.


We are also a Notified Body (0370) for numerous European directives and regulations. We offer product certification and CE marking services for a wide range of electrical, electronic, radio, construction and machinery products, amongst others. Our experts in regulation are on hand to help our clients manage their international conformity programmes for global market access.