Digital Solutions for Advanced Development

Boost your research and development (R&D) with Digital+. A suite of digital tools and services that take testing and materials data management to the next level. This comprehensive suite of digital tools is designed to streamline the advanced research and development process, offering seamless integration of reliable data access, enhanced test monitoring and efficient data management.


Digital+ Reliable Data for Product Development

Engineers involved in product development require reliable data to make informed decisions on what materials will be best fitted for their future products.

We’ve gathered an extensive online materials data library to empower engineers ensuring their decisions are backed by reliable and easy-to-access data.

  • Materials Portal

Digital+ Enhanced Test Monitoring and Delivery

Our in-test and post-test services redefine the testing and experience with value-added services designed to optimise efficiency and improve the analytical capabilities of development teams.

Our digital delivery solutions adapt to the type of test and the client needs, offering visibility, improved decision making and collaboration.

  • Live Testing
  • DigiLab

Digital+ Solutions to Manage your own Data

Our workspace services are specifically designed to enable organisations to take full control of their data management processes.

Centralise your company data and expertise in a single point of truth. From materials properties, to materials sustainablity, to monitoring your carbon footprint or CAE materials simulation, improve data accessability and reliability.

  • Materials Workspace
  • CAE Workspace
  • ECO Workspace
  • Carbon Footprint Monitor



Materials Portal - Applus+ Laboratories

Materials Portal

Your Gateway to comprehensive materials data and insights

  • Extensive online materials data library
  • Over 10.000 materials
  • Including materials models and CAE Plugins



Live Testing - Applus+ Laboratories

Live Testing

Unlock real-time insights anytime, anywhere

  • Access live up-to-the-moment data for ongoing tests 
  • Real-time data. Dynamic and interactive
  • Available for our materials testing services.



DigiLab - Applus+ Laboratories


Delivering digital and structured test data

  • Deliver customer test data digitally
  • Structured test data for further analysis and evaluation
  • Centralize all tests in a unique digital platform



Materials Workspace - Applus+ Laboratories

Materials Workspace

Enhance your materials know-how for an optimised product development

  • Manage all company material data in a Single Point of Truth
  • Comprehensive coverage from tests and standards to materials data
  • Enhance traceability and integration



CAE Workspace - Applus+ Laboratories

CAE Workspace

Ensure simulation accuracy and efficency

  • Create and manage materials models from material and test data
  • Single point of truth for handling materials cards
  • Focused on CAE engineers for simulation tasks



Eco Workspace - Applus+ Laboratories

Eco Workspace

Boosting sustainability as an engineers’ confident choice

  • Navigate regulations and trace materials to their chemical composition.
  • Seamlessly integrate public sustainability data from sources like GABI or ecoinvent.
  • Centralize material knowledge or use it as a dedicated LCA expert solution.



Carbon Footprint Monitor - Applus+ Laboratories

Carbon Footprint Monitor

Understand the carbon footprint of your organisation and/or supply chain to implement reduction initiatives

  • Monitor the carbon footprint using the GHG Protocol or ISO 14064 methodology for scope 1 and 2 emissions, with the option to include scope 3.
  • Set reduction indicators and targets.
  • Download the data to analyse the results and trends.
  • Prepare the emissions report for third-party verification.

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