CertAlarm is a Quality mark for fire detection products and security and intrusion systems


The wide variety of quality marks for fire detection products and security and intrusion systems in the different European states makes it complicated to certify these products for export to Europe, increasing the number of tests and certificates necessary for acceptance in in the different EC countries.

In contrast, the CertAlarm mark is a unique European quality mark based on third-party, one-stop testing and certification to EN 54, EN 12094, EN 14604 fire standards and EN 5013X security standards. The CertAlarm mark also groups together all additional requirements the different EC countries may have. CertAlarm is the only European certification scheme which has been endorsed by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) according to system 5. This positions CertAlarm as a true EU-wide quality mark helping clients to demonstrate compliance wherever they plan to sell their product in Europe.  As CertAlarm certification process is based on EN standards, it is also accepted in some Middle East countries.


Applus+ is an organization recognized by CertAlarm to carry out tests and to issue the CertAlarm certificate.

We test safety and fire detection products under the following applicable standards:

  • EN 54 Series
  • EN 12094 Series
  • EN 14604
  • EN 50131 Series

The CertAlarm certification applies to the following products:

Fire detection systems

  • Control panel and indicating equipment
  • Power supply systems
  • Sounders, Loudspeakers & Voice alarm controls
  • Heat & Smoke Detectors
  • Manual Call Points
  • Short-circuit isolators
  • Input/output devices
  • Extinguishing components & panels
  • Compatibility assessment for systems components

Security systems

  • Intrusion and burglar alarms
    • Control equipment and signage
    • Power supply systems
    • Detectors and push-buttons
    • Warning system
  • CCTV systems and components
  • Access control systems and components
  • Social alarm systems and components
  • Alarm transmission systems and components

Applus+ has its own laboratories for carrying out fire, electrical and electronic, acoustic and IT security tests. 


  • A single testing plan for certifying the quality of its product
  • Access to different European markets with a single certification
  • Having experience and fire laboratories specialized in fire protection products

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