Automotive Electronics and Batteries Testing





Applus+ Laboratories supports the electrification of the automotive industry with investment in testing technology for new energy vehicles.

Through our worldwide network of laboratories, we provide testing and homologation services for most of the onboard electrical and electronic components as well as the vehicle electronic architecture.

Our teams specialize in high voltage systems, testing each of the new components in electric vehicles, from e-motors, inverters, OBC or battery packs, amongst others.

Full Vehicle EMC Testing: Large and versatile EMC chambers for full vehicle testing. Fully equipped to test all kinds of vehicle, from motorbikes to electric buses to off-roaders.
Electronic Power Drive Testing: Two facilities dedicated to EMC testing of e-motors with mechanical load. Portable dynamometer available for 360º testing.
Battery Testing & Homologation: Unique 200 kN shaker for large battery packs. Environmental, Fire and EMC capabilities for testing and homologation under ECE R100 and ECE R10 (BMS)
High Voltage Components Testing: Expertise in HV systems testing, covering EMC, Electrical, Environmental and Vibrations.
Low Voltage Components Testing: Complete Validation plans for LV components, with a global network of labs, recognized by the major OEMs.




Automotive Structures, Components, and Materials Testing



Vehicles structures and components are made to endure loads of all kinds. Fatigue can affect functionality, size, and stability of body elements; acceleration, braking and difficult terrain produce complex vibration patterns that over time affect all components, particularly when combined with other internal factors like pressure or gas heat, or external factors like cold, humidity or corrosion.

In our mechanical and environmental durability labs, we put structures and components endurance to test.

Component stability and durability is intimately tight to the materials used in their fabrication. We can test and characterize all sort of metals, composites, plastic, or coatings to ensure they meet the expectations.

We also test other components, like interior and exterior trims, soft decoration, and plastic and textile parts, ensuring materials quality, environmental durability and chemical emissions. 

Mechanical Strength and Operational Stability: End-to-end testing, from test conceptualization to product development and approval. Operation Loads simulation and fatigue tests on all vehicle components.
Environmental Durability: Uni- and Multi-axial vibrations, climatic, and mechanical loads on structures, components, and exhaust systems. Weathering, salt spray, IP-protection, solar simulation and fire tests.
Fluid Technologies: Temperatures changes, pressure changes, volumetric flow on tanks and media-conducting systems combined with mechanical loads.
Materials Testing: Materials characterization and quality assurance on composites, metals, polymers and coatings. Testing to create CAE material cards.
Acoustics & BSR: Anechoic chambers equipped with shakers to detect Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) issues.
Fire Testing: Fire Testing of plastic fuel tanks and vehicle interiors.



System & Components Cybersecurity



ISO/SAE 21434:2021: OEMs must comply with this new cybersecurity standard and regulations R155 and R156, from UN ECE WP.29. Our experts support manufacturers with TARA (Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment) and pentesting to help ensure the security of components and systems.

Cybersecurity Evaluations for Certification Schemes: Certain vehicle components must be evaluated by accredited labs, like Applus+ Laboratories, to obtain cybersecurity certifications such us: GSMA (for eSIM), Wireless Power Consumption (for Wireless QI Chargers), Common Criteria or SESIP (for security critical components like V2X HSM).

Independent Cybersecurity Assessments: When there's no mandatory requirements, our ad-hoc assessments are the best way to ensure cyber resilience. 




Development of Custom-Built Test Systems

Our in-house engineering department designs, manufactures and commissions custom build test systems to test automotive components. We cover different engineering capabilities, from electrical and metrology test benches, to software to dynos for powertrains.

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