Evaluate the characteristics of lighting products and control devices, their energy efficiency and conformity to access its target markets


Lighting manufacturers focus on developing more energy-efficient products, keeping and improving their photometric and colorimetric properties. At the same time, they have to take into account the legal requirements of their target markets.

Our solution

Applus+ Laboratories offers a comprehensive luminaries testing service, designed to improve their performance and ensure their access to the global market: 

  • Test plan definition according to the product and the market's standards
  • Photometric, electrical, and EMC testing
  • Applicable international certifications process management

We test decorative and technical light fixtures, both indoor or outdoor, regardless of the technology they use:

  • LED modules
  • Discharge lamps
  • Halogen lamps

Our laboratories perform the tests under the IEC, EN, and UNE standards applicable to each test.

Photometric testing:

  • Light distribution curves and photometric calculations
  • Light pollution: Upper hemisphere emission coefficient.
  • Light source characterization (color temperature, color coordinates, CRI)
  • Luminous flux and luminous intensity measurement
  • Measurement of the spectral distribution of visible and non-visible radiation from light sources

Electrical testing:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Electrical safety of luminaries and their control devices
  • Photobiological safety of lamps
  • IP ratings

EMC tests:

  • Radiated and conducted immunity
  • Radiated and conducted emissions
  • Evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields

Our experts can provide technical solutions to improve the design and features of your equipment. Applus+ has its own accredited laboratory with specific equipment. See all our accreditations.


  • Access to international markets
  • Applus+ Laboratories, is a one-stop shop to perform a comprehensive testing plan for your product.
  • Differentiate your product based on its energy efficiency

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