Expert quality assurance of paints and coatings, helping you to optimize your products and ensure compliance with regulations.


Characterizing the properties of the paints and coatings that will be applied to a product is key for ensuring that product’s quality and features will last throughout its service life.

National and international regulations specify the requirements and mechanical, durability, physical and chemical properties that apply for each specific product and end-use.



Our experts perform testing both for R&D and as a means of proving compliance with regulations. We test each and every type of paint, coating and surface treatment, working closely with you to develop detailed quality control plans for your products.

If required, we can identify the regulations and requirements applicable to the coating for you, based on the product and its usage. We then define and perform a customized test plan to get you the results required in the least amount of time possible.

We work with a large variety of industries, including:

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Wind energy
  • Industrial products
  • Construction products


A comprehensive testing service for coatings and paints

The coating testing services we offer include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Physical-chemical tests
    • Identification and composition (EDX elemental chemical microanalysis, IR-Ft Spectrometry)
    • Viscosity (Krebs-Stormer), density, etc.
    • Coating thickness (Gravimetric methods, non-destructive methods in magnetic and non-magnetic substrates, microscopy)
    • Colorimetry, brightness, hardness, adherence, scratch resistance, chemical resistance
    • Permeabilities (liquid water, water vapor, CO2), wet scrub resistance (washability), opacity
  • Mechanical strength (traction, elasticity, mechanical damage)
  • Fire Tests
  • Durability/outdoor aging tests:
    • Xenon lamp/UV (International regulations including ISO 4892-2 and ISO 4892-3)
    • Solar radiation (DIN 75220)
    • Rain (Client specifications and international regulations)
    • Corrosion resistance:
      • Condensation (International regulations including ISO 6270-1 and ISO 6270-2)
      • Cyclic corrosion (International regulations and automotive OEM specifications)
    • Controlled temperature and humidity tests (UNE, EN, ISO, ASTM, and OEM specifications from the automotive, transportation and aeronautics industries)
    • Resistance to microorganisms (fungi, algae) (UNE, EN, ISO and ASTM)

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