At Applus+ Laboratories our expert assessment verifies that your organization has the capability to develop, implement and maintain reliable and secure software updated mechanisms for road vehicles according to the requirements and recommendations of the ISO 24089 international norm. 

What is the ISO 24089 standard for Software Update Engineering?

The ISO 24089 standard, introduced in early 2023, sets the global benchmark for automotive software update engineering. It outlines a unified approach to managing software updates, ensuring they are safe and secure throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle or its components.

Who Is The ISO 24089 Relevant For?

ISO 24089 targets original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers engaged in road vehicle software update engineering. Both parties must demonstrate that they adhere to current software engineering standards and can comply with this specific standard.

Why Is Compliance with ISO 24089 Standards So Important?

At Applus+ Laboratories, we perform assessments designed to ensure that your organization's processes for software update engineering comply with ISO 24089 requirements. We issue a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) that can be used to demonstrate your commitment to developing secure and reliable automotive software updates to your customers and stakeholders.

Compliance with ISO 24089 is essential for the following reasons:

  • Fulfillment of UN R156 Requirements: Vehicles with software update capabilities cannot be sold without UN R156 type approval, which ISO 24089 supports.
  • Safety and Security: Ensures that software updates are implemented safely and securely, protecting vehicles from cyber threats and operational hazards.
  • Market Trust: Establishes trust in your products and processes, enhancing your reputation in the automotive industry.

What Services Does Applus+ Laboratories Offer for ISO 24089 in Automotive Software Update Engineering?

  1. Verification of Compliance: Our certificate validates that your processes align with ISO 24089 requirements.
  2. Formal Evidence of Compliance: Provides tangible proof of adherence to global standards, strengthening your market position and ensuring the trust of regulators and customers.
  3. Expertise and Recognition: Applus+ Laboratories collaborates with our clients in building a cybersecure future for the automotive industry. We are a leading Common Criteria certified laboratory and world-class experts in security assessments, with more than 20 cybersecurity schemes for different verticals, from payment systems to IoT, from automotive to cryptography for the defense industry.

What Is Our Audit Methodology for ISO 24089?

Applus+ Laboratories follows the guidelines for auditing cybersecurity management systems according to the ISO/PAS 5112 standard.

ISO/PAS 5112 is a standard that extends from the ISO 19011 Guideline for auditing management systems, with a focus on the automotive domain.

Evaluation Tasks Included in the Service

Here are the evaluation tasks included in our service:

  • Document Review: The audit team at Applus+ Laboratories will check that the client's procedures, processes, and rules are aligned with the requirements of the ISO/SAE 21434 standard.
  • Interview and Implementation Verification: Applus+ Laboratories will verify that the defined procedures are implemented and that the client's assigned roles follow these procedures.

What Do You Get with ISO 24089?

The result of the evaluation is a CoC (Certificate of Conformity) that determines compliance with the requirements of the ISO/SAE 21434 standard, both at the organizational management level and the lifecycle of projects carried out in the company.

Stay ahead of upcoming Cybersecurity Regulation

Whether you are a Tier 1/2 supply chain provider or a third party offering solutions for the automotive industry, the CoC ISO/SAE 21434 certificates:

  • Show your organisation's commitment to vehicle cybersecurity.
  • Assure your clients and partners that your company is at the forefront of new requirements.
  • Position you in the market to make your product more attractive.

Contact us to learn more about how the CoC ISO/SAE 21434 can elevate your company's position in cybersecurity and provide a competitive advantage in today's automotive world.


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