Evaluate IC, Platform and application security to obtain EMVCo Certification





Integrated Circuits (IC) are used as basic hardware for all chip-based payment solutions, including contact and contactless chip cards as well as mobile payment solutions using a secure element in any of their form factors (SIM, eSE, SD or others). Payment schemes have unified IC security requirements in a common and mandatory certification process managed by EMVCo. All chip-based payment applications must run on an EMVCo certified IC. EMVCo can also certify the security of platforms (operative systems) installed on IC for both smartcards and secure elements. Additionally, EMVCo has its own payment application (CPA) that must also be evaluated under EMVCo security requierments.
Our solution
Applus+ laboratories are recognized by EMVCo to perform security evaluations on IC, Platforms and applications.  Our services include the project management with EMVCo and the preparation of the necessary documentation to certify your product.
  • EMVCo Security evaluations on IC
  • EMVCo Security evaluations on Platforms for Smartcards and Secure Elements
  • EMVCO Security evaluation on ICC (Smart Cards) using  EMV CPA Payment application
  • EMVCo Site Audit
  • Combined certification processes Common Criteria and EMVCo for IC, Platforms and Site Evaluations.
Our expertise allows us to participate in the earliest stages of product development to speed up the certification process:
  • Development testing
  • Pre-evaluation testing
  • Pre-certification testing (quality analysis)
  • Technical consulting on documentation
  • Process consulting 
  • Certification testing
We are also accredited by EMVCo to perform:
  • EMV L2 functional tests for EMVCo Type Approval for Smart Cards (CPA/CCD), Terminals (contact and contactless) and Mobile (AAUI).
  • EMV L1 functional tests for Smart Cards, Terminals and Mobiles.
Applus+ has more than 10 years' experience as an official EMVCo laboratory evaluating the functionality and interoperability of the cards and payment terminals. We work with the major banking product developers and provide services worldwide.
  • One stop shop to certify your IC and/or platform with EMVCo and Common Criteria
  • Speed up your product's certification and save on costs