Security Evaluation of mobile & smart card payment solution according to MasterCard Compliance Assessment & Security Testing (CAST)





All MasterCard chip-based solutions must be compliant with MasterCard Compliance Assessment & Security Testing (CAST).  The CAST program evaluates the security requirements of payment applications implemented on contact cards, contactless cards and secure elements for mobile payment.
To comply with MasterCard specifications, payment applications for chip based solutions must run on an IC certified by EMVCo.
Applus+ Laboratories is accredited by MasterCard to perform security evaluations on different type of technologies (native, JavaCard and MULTOS solutions):
We are recognized evaluate the security of the following payment solutions:
  • MasterCard CAST for Contact Cards (M/Chip Lite, M/Chip Select & M/Chip Advance)
  • MasterCard CAST for Contactless Cards (M/Chip Advance & PayPass)
  • MasterCard CAST for Secure Elements (MMPP)
Applus+ is also able to perform security evaluations on MasterCard HCE products:
  • MasterCard Cloud-based Payments (MCBP)
Our expertise allows us to participate in the earliest stages of product development to speed up the certification process:
  • Development testing
  • Pre-evaluation testing
  • Pre-certification testing (quality analysis)
  • Technical consulting in documentation
  • Process consulting
  • Certification testing
Applus+ Laboratories is also accredited by EMVCo and qualified by GlobalPlatform.
  • One stop shop to certify your payment solution security according to MasterCard and other payment schemes. (including EMVCo and GlobalPlatform tests)
  • Speed up the certification process.