Security evaluations for JCB payment application implemented on contact smartcards, contactless smart cards and UICC.





JCB is a Japan based payment network with global reach. JCB-compliant cards must certify its security according to JCB specifications and requirements. JCB payment application (J/Smart and J/Speedy) must be evaluated by a JCB-recognized laboratory.  JCB payment application must run on an IC (chip) and a platform (chip operative system) that has been already certified by EMVCo and qualified by GlobalPlatform.   
Applus+ Laboratories is accredited by JCB to perform JCB IC Card Application Security evaluation on the following payment applications: 
  • J/Smart – Contact cards
  • J/Speedy – Contactless cards & UICC
Our expertise allows us to participate in the earliest stages of product development to speed up the certification process:
  • Development testing
  • Pre-evaluation testing
  • Pre-certification testing (quality analysis)
  • Technical consulting in documentation
  • Process consulting
  • Certification testing
Applus+ Laboratories is also accredited by EMVCo and qualified by GlobalPlatform.
  • One stop shop to evaluate your payment solution in compliance with JCB and other payment schemes.
  • Speed up the certification process.