Characterisation of basic building materials, end products and specific construction solutions in order to assess their performance.

Applus+ Laboratories has an extensive portfolio of testing services related to the characterisation of construction materials and systems. We have ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratories and we are a notified body (nº 0370) for type testing with a view to CE marking.

A comprehensive service

  • Materials and product characterisation
  • Definition and implementation of customised testing plans
  • Creation of a testing plan for a particular product or standard
  • Forensic engineering and fault analysis
  • Support in developing new construction products
  • Management of certifications, including CE marking, European Technical Assessment (ETA), etc.

Tested Products

  • Aggregates and natural stone: erosion, absorption, density, hardness, grain size, chemical properties, elasticity, petrography
  • Cement, lime and plaster: chemical composition, setting time, resistance, purity, reactivity, expansion
  • Concrete, additives and admixtures: resistance, dosages, additive and admixture capacities, elasticity, load creep, retraction, expansion, modules, chemical composition
  • Steel, profiles, cables and structures: tensile strength, shear strength, torsional strength, dynamic testing, vibration, corrosion, passivation, forensic damage analysis
  • Natural wood, laminate and chipboard: compression, traction, adhesion, changes in volume, impact, hardness, elastic modulus
  • Masonry components: compression, absorption, dimensions, elasticity, slip resistance, expansion, flex, thermal insulation, fire resistance
  • Windows and partitions: flex resistance, impact, punching shear, thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Railings: Dimensional characteristics, flex, impact
  • Walls and enclosures: user safety, impact, flex, fire resistance, acoustic insulation, window, door and skylight seals
  • Floors and ceilings: flex resistance, impact, fire resistance, slip resistance
  • Boards and panels: Compression, flex, traction, adhesion, dimensions, thermal and acoustic insulation, thermal contrast, reaction to fire, fire resistance
  • Thermal and acoustic insulators: compressibility, water uptake, dimensional stability, conductivity, density, reaction to fire
  • Taps: durability of on/off mechanism, thermostatic, pressure and acoustic testing
  • Adhesives and grouts
  • Sealants
  • Mortars and concrete-repair products
  • Speciality and composite products and materials