We offer testing services for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) quantification.  


What are VOCs?  

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are gases that could be potentially harmful to our health and that cause significant environmental damage when emitted into the atmosphere, especially if they accumulate indoors. 

VOC testing is an essential service intended to quantify the autonomous release of these chemical compounds due to materials found in construction products, paint, adhesives, DIY, furniture, automotive, cleaning products and other similar products.   

How can we limit these types of VOCs?   

Thanks to this test, we can quantify the emission rate, then compared with diverse legislations at an international level for marking. Along these lines, several voluntary quality marks, eco-labels, and health and sustainability certification schemes also take these parameters into account to ensure spaces count with that spaces count with healthier, cleaner and higher-quality air.   

In addition to VOCs, formaldehyde and CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic) determinations must be considered, mandatory under French regulations and a voluntary requisite for other countries.   

In our laboratories, we provide a complete service where samples are prepared and conditioned in encapsulated climatic chambers with the extraction of the compounds in air and subsequently analysed for their composition. 

The applicable tests are those specified in:  

  • EN 717-1 formaldehyde from wood-based panels  
  • ISO 11890-1/2 and ASTM D2369 VOCs for paints  
  • ISO 16000, ISO 16516, VOCs in general and for building products  
  • EN 10580, textile coatings  
  • Other particular specifications for automotive.  

The results allow us to classify the product for:  

  • Ecolabel  
  • Mandatory French regulations, such as A+, A, A, B, C (Decree 2011-321)  
  • According to the German AgBB scheme  
  • According to the Emicode
  • Formaldehyde emissions  
  • The absence of CMR substances 

In France, these evaluations are mandatory for commercialization; in Belgium, a requirement for several products; and in Germany they are widely recommended due to the quality seals that exemplify emission levels.   

Furthermore, limiting VOCs is a great way to commit to the environment and gain consumer confidence. 


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