Balconies, bathrooms or laundry rooms are constantly exposed to water. To prevent moisture from entering these areas, a waterproof membrane can be adhered to or installed on its foundations. In our laboratories, we test these types of cladding products when applied to ceramic tiles and gypsum panels. These products require certification and CE marking in the European market and UKCA in the United Kingdom.


Adhesive testing for ceramic tiles according to 12004 EN standard

The most commonly tested products are cement adhesives. Testing determines:  

  • exposure they can withstand once opened   
  • initial adhesion and post-aging cycles due to water, ice or heat 
  • vertical wall slip 
  • transverse deformation.  

All of these factors must be taken into account when prescribing the product on site.   

Dispersion adhesives and reactive resin adhesives are also tested, but their requirements are more specific and demanding than the latter. 

Testing liquid waterproof membrane under tiled floors according to EN 14891 standard  

Liquid waterproofing membranes must have CE marking, this determines:  

  • performance bond under different conditions,  
  • crack bridging capacity  
  • permeability.  

Grout testing for ceramic tiles according to EN 13888 standard 

Thanks to our wide scope of capabilities, we can offer the following EN 13888 standard tests: 

  • Chemical resistance 
  • Abrasion  
  • Flexion capacity   
  • Compression  
  • Shrinkage  
  • Transverse deformation  
  • Resistance to freezing 

Gypsum-based adhesive testing for panels (EN 12860) and jointing material for boards according to EN 13963 standard

We perform the following tests on gypsum-based adhesives for panels and board jointing material:  

  • Reaction to fire 
  • Flexural strength  
  • Forging tests 
  • Adhesion  
  • Dimensional stability  
  • Chemical analysis 
  • Acoustic insulation.  

Applus+ Laboratories also tests and certifies similar products such as industrial mortars (EN 998-1/2), self-levelling pastes (EN 13813) and repair products (EN 1504). 


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