Calibration of dimensional measuring instruments, with ENAC accreditation to ISO 17025 standard





Applus+ Laboratories offers the laboratory and on-site calibration of dimensional measuring instruments. We operate in accordance with ISO 17025, thereby ensuring international standards of traceability, and we are also ENAC (ILAC) accredited.

Measurement variables and ranges:
  • Length
  • Thread parameters
  • Angularity
  • Straightness, parallelism and perpendicularity
  • Roundness
  • Roughness
Instruments we can calibrate:
  • Callipers, micrometers and comparators
  • Gauge blocks
  • Standard flexible rulers
  • Profile projectors
  • 1D, 2D and 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • Set squares and surface plates
  • Cylindrical squares and form machines
  • P/NP plug gauges (smooth and threaded)
  • Profilometers and roughness standards