Calibration of physicochemical measuring instruments, with ENAC accreditation to ISO 17025 standard

Applus+ Laboratories offers the laboratory and on-site calibration of physicochemical measuring instruments. We operate in accordance with ISO 17025, thereby ensuring international standards of traceability, and we are also ENAC (ILAC) accredited.
Measurement variables and ranges:
  • Gas flow
  • Dynamic and kinematic viscosity
  • Density
  • pH and conductivity
  • Volume
  • Air velocity
  • Concentration of gases
  • Transmittance and absorption coefficient
  • Wavelength
  • Optical transmittance density
Instruments we can calibrate:
  • Gas flow meters, sampling pumps and sampling pump calibrators
  • Capillary, flow cup and rotational viscometers
  • Immersion hydrometers, oscillating tube densimeters and alcoholmeters
  • Hydrostatic balances
  • Pycnometers
  • Flasks and measuring cylinders
  • Burettes, pipettes, micropipettes, diluters and dispensers
  • Anemometers, thermo-anemometers and thermo-hygro-anemometers
  • pH-meters and conductivity meters
  • Exhaust gas analysers and ambient gas detectors
  • Explosimeters and air oximeters
  • UV-VIS and IR spectrophotometers
  • Standard opacity filters and optical density filters
  • Opacimeters

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