Calibration of temperature and humidity measuring instruments and characterisation of isothermal tools, with ENAC accreditation to ISO 17025 standard





Applus+ Laboratories offers the laboratory and on-site calibration of temperature and humidity measuring instruments as well as the on-site characterisation of isothermal tools. We operate in accordance with ISO 17025, thereby ensuring international standards of traceability, and we are also ENAC (ILAC) accredited.

Measurement variables and ranges:

  • Temperature and air temperature
  • Relative humidity

Instruments we can calibrate:

  • Thermometers, Pt100 probes, thermocouple probes, minimum-maximum thermometers and optical pyrometers
  • Temperature transducers
  • Temperature calibrators
  • Stoves, ovens, climate chambers, thermostatic baths and dry-block ovens