Founded in 1990 as Reliable Analysis in Detroit USA, this laboratory expanded its operations to China in 2005.

Since then, it has continuously grown and established itself as a reference laboratory to suit the challenging demands of automotive OEMs and component manufacturers worldwide.

In 2020, Applus+ RA became part of Applus+ Laboratories, a division of the Applus+ Group. Today, both Reliable Analysis laboratories, located in Detroit (US) and Shanghai (China), operate independently within the Applus+ Laboratories network.

Applus+ Reliable Analysis Accreditations

The laboratories in Detroit and Shanghai are both ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, you can consult the scope of their accreditation here.

Shanghai’s lab is also approved by key Chinese manufacturers as well as global companies with design and manufacturing capabilities in China.

Applus+ Reliable Analysis Services

Applus+ RA Services in China offers a wide range of automotive component testing, including EMC testing for electrical components, environmental testing, and validation testing for cables and connectors.

In the US, Applus+ RA specializes in material testing, accelerated aging, and environmental simulation tests, as well as durability, vibration, and acoustic testing, utilizing advanced equipment for comprehensive analysis of automotive components.

Applus+ RA Services in China

Applus+ RA China provides electromagnetic compatibility, environmental, vibration, shock, acoustic, functionality and durability testing for automotive components.

Its offer also includes material testing and a specialised laboratory destined for wiring connectors and harnesses.

EMC testing for electrical and electronic components

Backed up by cutting-edge capacities, Applus+ RA’s laboratories in China are equipped to conduct EMC testing on diverse electrical and electronic automotive component, including:

These tests can be conducted thanks to its multiple semi-anechoic chambers, prepared for testing high-voltage components. Additionally, Applus+ RA in China also has a reverberation chamber, prepared to conduct alternative testing required by industry standards on some occasions.

Electrical testing

Applus+ RA's China facility performs electrical performance tests for vehicle components. These are carried out for both classic low-voltage systems and the latest high-voltage systems.

Environmental, shock and vibration, and acoustic testing

In addition, Applus+ RA in China also offers different services to characterise the properties of all types of components against environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, sunlight or vibrations, as well as a combination of these factors.

Cables testing, connectors and cable harnesses

Applus+ RA in China's complete service offer is fit to provide validation testing for cables, connectors and harnesses, this includes:

  • Mechanical tests
  • Vibration tests
  • Durability tests
  • Electrical tests
  • Tests for Automotive Lighting and Headlamps
  • Climatic tests

Material Testing

The Applus+ RA facility in China is also fit to conduct testing for a wide variety of materials, including:

Applus+ RA Services in the US

Applus+ RA’s laboratories in the US offer material, durability and environmental simulation testing for automotive components, products and systems. It also collaborates with other Applus+ Laboratories facilities to offer a complete and global service offer.

Material Testing

Applus+ RA US technicians are experts in carrying out tests to characterise material testing for automotive component manufacturing.

These are the properties that they can analyse:

- Physical and mechanical: from simple weight and density measurements to impact resistance of plastics using a multi-axial impactor.

- Chemical and thermal: routine and high-level testing of products, materials and additives; measurement of unknown factors; chemical analysis at trace level; identification of quality problems and their causes; analysis of raw materials; characterisation of trace impurities and contamination; VOC testing.

Environmental testing

In the US, Applus+ RA offers accelerated aging and environmental simulation tests to detect the possible effects of temperature, humidity, sunlight or corrosion on the duration of automotive products.

Their numerous aging chambers allow them to adapt specific requirement exposures for each product. Their equipment and climatic chambers are fit to test from small components to complete vehicles.

Durability, vibration and acoustic testing

Among its different test equipment, it has multi-axial simulation tables, combined with climatic chambers and solar radiation.

Using state-of-the-art silent shakers, our experts analyse the noise generated by the vehicle components derived from the vibrations inherent to driving. These tests help to improve the acoustic comfort inside the vehicle.

The Detroit laboratory has the know-how to adapt or develop customised benches to test the functionality and durability of specific components, from doors to steering wheels.


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