Certify your products' interoperability with the EMV ecosystem





EMVCo developed Type Approval to test compliance with the EMV specifications. Type Approval testing helps to guarantee interoperability and consistent behaviour between applications using the EMV specs, and is divided into two levels:
EMV Level 1 Type Approval tests that terminals, cards and mobile devices comply with the electromechanical and electrostatic characteristics (contact) or the analog characteristics (contactless) and logical protocol requirements defined in the EMV specifications.
EMV Level 2 Type Approval tests that applications comply with requirements as defined in the EMV specifications.
EMVCo-recognized laboratory
Applus+ Laboratories is recognised by EMVCo for all testing and certification according to its specifications for smart cards, terminals and mobile devices:
  • EMVCo compatibility and functionality tests
  • Management of the project with the payment schemes (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX and Discover)
  • Preparing the necessary product-certification documentation
Our expertise allows us to participate in the earliest stages of product development to speed up the certification process:
  • Development testing
  • Pre-evaluation testing
  • Pre-certification testing (quality analysis)
  • Technical consulting
  • Process consulting
  • Certification testing
Our laboratories are accredited to test under the following schemes:
EMV Card Type Approval
  • Contact Smart Cards:
    • EMV L1 Electric
    • EMV L1 Protocol
    • EMV L2 CCD
    • EMV L2 CPA
  • Contactless Smart Cards:
    • EMV L1 Analog
    • EMV L1 Digital 
EMV Terminal Type Approval
  • Contact Terminals:
    • EMV L1
    • EMV L2
    • ESD
  • Contactless Terminals:
    • EMV Kernel C3, C4, C5 and C6           
    • EMV Entry Point
    • EMV Performance
    • EMV Modular & Independency
    • EMV L1
EMV Mobile Type Approval
  • CMP / AAUI
  • EMV L1 Mobile
Applus+ has more than ten years' experience as an official EMVCo laboratory, evaluating the functionality and interoperability of cards, mobiles and payment terminals. We work with the major banking product developers and provide our services worldwide. Applus+ is also accredited for EMVCo security evaluations.
  • Guarantee the functionality, interoperability and ESD protection of your products under the EMVCo scheme
  • Applus+ Laboratories, one stop shop to conduct your product's EMVCo certification 
  • Speed up product's certification and save on costs