Founded in 2003 as AC6 Metrología S.L., with a registered office in Orkoien (Spain), Applus+ AC6 became part of Applus+ Group in 2017, specifically as part of the Applus+ Laboratories Division.

In 2021, Applus+ AC6 acquired Mipel laboratory in Madrid, multiplying its service capacity and expanding services in the central area.

Applus+ AC6 accreditations

Applus+ AC6 has the acknowledgement from the Spanish Accreditation Agency (ENAC) pursuant to the standard ISO 17025 both for the facilities in Leganés, and in Orkoien and Bilbao. 

This accreditation confirms the company’s technical capacity and guarantees the traceability and reliability of calibration results.

Applus+ AC6 services

Applus+ AC6 is a Spanish ENAC-accredited metrology laboratory that provides calibration services in ten different technical areas. It also has the capacity to validate equipment and participates in the development of robotic solutions. 

Applus+ AC6 capacities include its integral services for the Life Science industry.

Subsidiary Applus AC6


Applus+ AC6 offers calibration services for the following magnitudes:

It also offers on-site calibration services throughout the peninsula.

Equipment and pattern verification

Thanks to its legal metrology capabilities, it is possible to make the periodic verification of measurement instruments established by European and Spanish regulations.

Other services

In addition, Applus+ AC6 offers other supplementary services: 

  • Transport management
  • Validation of calibration certificates 
  • Repairs and adjustments
  • Customised calibration label
  • Advisory and training services 
  • Sale of instruments and patterns

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