Founded in 1988 under the name of 3C Test Limited, Applus+ 3C Test has two strategic technological centres located in the Silverstone Park area, near a racing circuit- a hot spot for automotive companies involved in new electric vehicle development.

Applus+ 3C Test passed on to form part of Applus+ Laboratories, a division of the Applus+ Group in 2018.

Applus+ 3C Test Accreditations

Applus+ 3C Test is a UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory (#1204) for EMC, electrical, climatic and vibration testing.

Applus+ 3C Test is also recognised by various governmental and private EMC bodies and companies, such as the FCC (USA) and ISED (Canada). Its EMC laboratory is also approved to test according to the specific standards and special accreditation schemes of renowned manufacturers such as Ford, FCA, GM and JLR.

Applus+ 3C Testing Services

One of the leading EMC laboratories in the UK, Applus+ 3C Test provides first-class testing for diverse industries, with a special focus on automotive and automotive components.

EMC testing for the automotive industry

Applus+ 3C Test's facilities include two large semi-anechoic chambers fit to test all types of vehicles, from buses and logistic trucks to electric sports cars.

EMC tests can also be carried out for electrical and electronic vehicle components, for both classic low-voltage systems and the new high-voltage systems of electric propulsion systems: batteries, BMS, OBCs, inverters, DC/DC converters and similar equipment. Thanks to its test bench, electrical motors can also be tested with mechanical loads.

Applus+ 3C Test EMC Testing facilities include:

  • Large semi-anechoic chambers for measurements up to 10 m. Mainly dedicated to testing up to 50 tonnes.
  • Semi-anechoic chambers that measure 1 to 3 metres, dedicated to industrial equipment and automotive components. These facilities have the necessary auxiliary equipment for testing high-voltage components.
  • Reverberation chambers for radiated immunity tests.
  • Shielded Faraday chambers and benches for conducting emission tests.
  • Pulse test stations.

Applus+ 3C Test also has a specialised team to provide vehicle manufacturers with customised support to manage compliance programmes for their EMC testing processes.

Environmental and vibrational testing for components and batteries

Thanks to its environmental chambers and shakers, extreme conditions that affect the useful life of components and other equipment can be simulated. This includes temperature, humidity, thermal shock, vibrations, and other electrical conditions.

Applus+ 3C Test specialises in complete battery testing. Its large test bench combines a 200 kN shaker to conduct vibrational tests (and 400 kN for shock tests). This shaker is also coupled to a large climatic chamber capable of accommodating batteries up to 2.8 by 2.8 metres. The laboratory also has a secure battery storage facility. 

Applus+ 3C Test vibration and environmental testing facilities:

  • Climatic chambers and thermostatic chambers (ranging from -40°C to +180°C).
  • Thermal shock chambers
  • Altitude chamber
  • A salt spray test chamber
  • Combined vibration and environmental test systems
  • Electrical testing stations

UKCA marking and Market Access Services

Applus+ 3C Test is a UK Approved Body (#8505) for Radio Equipment, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Explosive Atmosphere Equipment Regulations. This means that it can assess and certify products for UK market access through UKCA marking. It is also a Notified Body for CE/UKNI marking applicable to Northern Ireland.

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