Applus+ Laboratories is accredited to evaluate the security of Hardware Secure Modules (HSM), for both smart cards and security boxes.


HSM and their applications

Hardware Secure Modules or HSM are widely used devices in all types of industries and markets, including the public and private sectors as well as civil and military applications.
•    In key management
•    In authentication processes
•    In encryption and decryption processes
•    For the management of information over networks (PIN Process, verification, message management and others)

HSM Certification

The certification for these types of products is usually associated with Common Criteria or FIPS, although for specific sectors there can also be other needs or requirements. For the payments sector, the PCI_PTS_HSM certification is required, and for the eIDAS sector, clients expect their products to be listed on the eIDAS network (which can be done through the Lince certification). 

Applus+ Laboratories is accredited to evaluate HSM at all levels

Applus+ Laboratories can provide all the Common Criteria assurance levels required by the HSM, Lince and PCI_PTS_HSM standards. Furthermore, Applus+ is one of the few laboratories in the world that has been accredited to conduct evaluations of the ‘Smart Cards and Similar Devices’ and ‘Hardware Devices with Security Boxes’ SOGIS domains.

HSM independent security evaluations

HSM applications are as diverse as the markets it is used in. Should an official certification not be required, Applus+ also provides independent evaluation services for those companies that do not require a certificate, but that are focused on obtaining a high protection level for their product. The requirements and duration of these evaluations can accommodate clients’ needs so that they are attainable and do not jeopardize expected market launch timelines.


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