Certify the interoperability and proper management of various applications incorporated into smart cards and mobile devices





The GlobalPlatform certification ensures the interoperability of the different applications embedded in a device. Its specifications define the coordination between the OS and the various applications.
Our solution
Applus+ Laboratories is recognized by GlobalPlatform to perform all tests and certifications under its specifications.
Our service includes:
  • Technical documentation reviewing 
  • GlobalPlatform - Platform and IC Testing & Certification
    • GP Basic Financial Configuration 
    • GP Mapping Guidelines
    • GP UICC Configuration 
    • GP UICC Contactless Extension
    • GP UICC Memory Management
    • GP UICC SCP81
    • GP SE Configuration
    • GP SE Access Control
    • GP SWP & HCI
    • GP eUICC
  • GlobalPlatform Device - TEE Testing & Certification
The GlobalPlatform scheme can be applied to:
Applus+ laboratories are also recognized by EMVCo, VISA and Common Criteria. This allows us to prepare a global validation plan and manage the various certifications applicable to your product.
We work with the major banking product developers and provide services worldwide
  • Ensure your product's interoperability
  • Applus+, one stop shop to conduct your product's full validation 
  • Rely on our GlobalPlatform experts to improve the product's final quality (quality assurance)
Note: Because Applus+ Laboratories is accredited as a third party laboratory by several evaluation and certification schemes, and in order to guarantee its impartiality,  Applus+ engineers are never involved in actual product development or solutions implementation.