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Mechanical & Structural testing

Mechanical and structural validation of products made of metal and composite materials
For each new project, product manufacturers need to validate their new designs and characterize the new materials that are incorporated, as well as confirm the structural integrity of existing products. To do so, they look for laboratories specialized in mechanical and material testing to optimize their products' development times and ensure their quality.
Our solution
Applus+ Laboratories carries out full structural validation plans for metal and composite material components and sub-components. We are high load uniaxial and multiaxial test specialists. Our mechanical laboratories and our test engineering capabilities allow us to offer flexible solutions that enable our clients to meet their deadlines.
Our services cover:
  • Comprehensive management of validation programs
  • Preparing a testing plan
    • Destructive tests
    • Non-destructive tests
  • Specimen instrumentation:
    • Strain gauges
    • 3D video correlation system
  • Design, calculation and manufacturing of test tools and tests benches
  • Test implementation and monitoring:
    • Non-destructive inspections
    • Client remote monitoring: applusetesting
  • Data post-processing and publishing of test report
Our structural testing capabilities for metal and composite components are:
  • Static and fatigue tests on universal machine up to 15 MN and 25 Hz
  • Multiaxial static and fatigue tests up to 1.5 MN on structural elements in a 12 x 12 meters slab
  • Humidity (RH between 0-80%) and controlled temperature (between -60 °C and 150 °C) tests
We are approved by Airbus (Structural Test Strategic Supplier), Rolls Royce and Aernnova as a qualified supplier to perform structural mechanical tests for aeronautical components and structures.
Applus+ Laboratories performs structural mechanical testing for most industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, construction, power and renewable energies, oil & gas, and naval.
  • A single partner to manage the full validation plan
  • Component design optimization
  • Product cost reduction
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