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CE Marking

Access to the European Union market, the world's largest market

To market products in the European Union, they must meet the technical and safety criteria established in the various European directives. In the European Union, manufacturers or their representatives are responsible for their products meeting the applicable requirements and should indicate their product's conformity using the CE mark.

Many products are within the scope of one or more European directives, and at times it can be difficult for the manufacturer or importer to identify the directives, testing and phases to be performed before placing the CE marking on their product. 

Our solution

Applus+ is a notified body for 13 European directives. We offer testing and conformity evaluation services that will allow you to place the CE mark on your product in a timely manner with Applus+ as your sole partner:

According to your needs, we participate in specific phases or manage the entire CE marking process for your product:

  • Identification of the directives applicable to the product to market
  • Determination of the regulations that affect you and the applicable harmonized standards
  • Testing for compliance with technical requirements
  • Factory Production Control (FPC) requierments information 
  • Factory Production Control (FPC) audit 
  • CE-conformity certificate issuing

We adapt to our client's production characteristics, and we are present in the world's most important production sites.


  • Market your products throughout the European Union
  • Applus+, one stop shop for your product's conformity evaluation, testing and CE marking
  • Greater control over your product and process, and reduction of non-quality costs.
  • Conduct supplementary certifications with Applus+ and access new markets with the same product (CB Scheme, LOVAG, CCC, UL, CQC and EAC, among others)
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