Ground-breaking Remote Inspections for NDT Testing

Applus+ Laboratories stands at the forefront of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) innovation, particularly in the aerospace sector, with over 80 years of dedicated service.

Our pioneering Remote Inspection Training Secure Services (RITSS) program, in collaboration with Applus+ XRI, is revolutionizing NDT processes worldwide. By harnessing emerging technologies, we offer a novel approach to the remote interpretation of radiographic images, setting new standards in operational efficiency, risk reduction, and safety enhancement. Applus+ XRI brings its expertise to this endeavor, ensuring comprehensive solutions and cutting-edge advancements.

As one of the few NADCAP accredited entities for remote inspections, our expertise in conventional and advanced NDT, alongside our commitment to quality and precision, positions us as the industry leader in NDT solutions.

Service offer for NDT Remote Inspections

Remote Inspections at Applus+ Laboratories encompass a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of industries reliant on NDT. Our offerings include Remote Read for digital and film images and Remote Scanning for ultrasonic testing, each tailored to provide the most effective and efficient inspection solutions.

Remote Read for digital and film images

The Remote Read service is a ground-breaking method for the remote interpretation of radiographic images, whether digital or on film. This process allows for the secure upload of images to our DoD and ITAR-compliant servers, where certified Applus+ Laboratories inspectors perform thorough assessments without the physical product needing to leave your facility.

Benefits of Remote Read for digital and film images

Here are the primary advantages offered by Remote Read for digital and film images:

  • Data Interpretation and Management: Utilizes GCC High Tenant Security for secure file transfer, ensuring compliance with US Department of Defense and ITAR regulations.
  • Proven Capabilities and Demonstrated Results: The world's first NADCAP approved process for remote image and film interpretation.
  • Risk Mitigation: Significantly reduces the time and cost associated with shipping parts, enhances operational readiness, and eliminates the need for inspector training and upkeep costs.

Remote Scanning for ultrasonic testing

Our Remote Scan service introduces the world's first customer-approved remote ultrasonic inspection process. It enables secure ultrasonic testing between any two facilities globally, leveraging our expertise to provide level 2 or level 3 support remotely, ensuring data security and operational efficiency.

Benefits of Remote Scanning for ultrasonic testing

Below are the main benefits that Remote Scanning can provide for ultrasonic tests:

  • Data Interpretation and Management: Ensures secure data management through GCC High Tenant Security.
  • Proven Capabilities and Demonstrated Results: Recognized as the world's first NADCAP approved remote ultrasonic inspection process.
  • Risk Mitigation: Offers significant savings on shipping costs and time, provides surge protection, and eliminates the need for onsite inspector training and maintenance.

Applus+ Laboratories Nadcap Accreditations for NDT Remote Inspections

Applus+ Laboratories NDT remote inspection services meet Nadcap accredited standards, making us the first company in the world to be Nadcap approved for remote image and film interpretation and remote ultrasonic inspection.

Our expertise extends to our mastery of Nadcap's audit criteria and processes, with over 100 customer approvals highlighting our commitment to quality and reliability in NDT. This recognition underscores our ability to meet stringent industry benchmarks, delivering advanced NDT solutions that prioritise innovation and excellence.

Why choose Applus+ Laboratories for NDT Remote Inspections?

Choosing Applus+ Laboratories for your NDT Remote Inspection needs means partnering with a global leader in NDT services. Our unique combination of advanced technology, extensive experience, and comprehensive service offerings ensures that we meet the rigorous demands of industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and defense. Our dynamic, client-focused approach allows us to deliver customized, innovative solutions that enhance operational safety and efficiency.

With Applus+ Laboratories, you gain a trusted partner committed to excellence and driven by a passion for continuous improvement in the field of non-destructive testing.


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