Fully committed to ensuring that customer products reach their highest standards of integrity, safety, and reliability, Applus+ XRI has positioned itself as one of the leading non-destructive (NDT) and inspection providers for aerospace manufacturers in the US.

As one of the founding members of the aerospace industry, its foundations date back to 1941 in Detroit (Michigan, USA). In 2015, it became part of the Applus+ group and in 2022 it passed on to become part of Applus+Laboratories.

With a highly experienced NDT inspection team, a competitive service offer, and a fast turnaround time aid clients in the aerospace, defence, aviation MRO, power generation, and industrial industries with an ideal quality assurance solution.

Applus+ XRI Accreditations

Leveraging advanced NDT techniques, inspection, consulting, and training, Applus+ XRI’s service portfolio is fully accredited by recognized national standards such as Nadcap, AS 9100, and ISO 9001:2008.

Compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, and AS 13100 “Human Factors”

Applus+ XRI Services

Applus+ XRI offers a broad range of NDT methods and customised industry support.  Their leading-edge technical support and training services allow companies and individuals to develop and enhance their in-house NDT capabilities.

Film, Digital and Neutron Radiography

Radiographic testing (RT) is one of the most fundamental volumetric testing methods performed in the aerospace industry.

Applus+ XRI is an industry leader in the introduction of non-film radiography technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT). From computed radiography (CR) and Digital Detector Array radiography (DDA), its portfolio of radiographic testing services includes traditional film and advanced digital technologies.

Thanks to its large processing capacity, Applus+ XRI can provide quick turnaround even with high-volume production requirements.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Applus+ XRI’s testing capabilities cover the potential applications and industry requirements of magnetic particle inspection. Conventional methods of direct or induced magnetization are performed with either portable or fixed inspection systems. When it comes to large-volume NDT projects, multidirectional systems can also be employed.

Its technicians are trained following a written practice that complies with NAS410/SNT-TC-1A/EN4179 and are available to meet clients’ needs as challenges arise.

Chemical Testing

Applus+ XRI has the capabilities and qualifications to offer a wide variety of certified chemical processing services. From acid-etch inspection, cleaning, and chemical processes, all these processes are controlled under its AS9100 and Nadcap certifications.

The complete chemical processing testing process is conducted with one point of contact, saving customers the time and money it takes to transport their materials to diverse service providers.

Applus+ XRI’s clean, efficient facilities are specifically designed to process aerospace components. Its complete chemical processing testing offer includes:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Vapor degreasing
  • Nitric-acid passivation
  • Citric-acid passivation
  • Pre-penetrant etching
  • Humidity testing
  • Copper-sulphate testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Fluorescent dye penetrant is heavily utilised in the aerospace industry and other industries that require a higher level of sensitivity than can be achieved using visible dye.

Backed up by Nadcap accreditation and thanks to its NAS410/EN4179 trained technicians, Applus+ XRI can provide a full range of liquid-penetrant NDT services to meet the most stringent client needs.

Whether it’s a case of high-volume production or of testing individual, large, complex objects; a quick turnaround and a high degree of reliability is guaranteed, even as challenges arise.

Ultrasonic Inspection Services

Ensuring the quality and integrity of new components is vital in the aerospace sector. Turnkey solutions for access, temperature, coating, and material-type problems are hugely important in ensuring the ongoing success of operations worldwide.

Applus+ XRI has an extensive range of tools and techniques to match every inspection challenge, from simple thickness measurements to fully automated immersion inspections. The best ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) and capacities are provided for a large range of part types and sizes.

Remote Inspection Training Secure Services (RITSS)

Applus+ XRI’s Remote Inspection Training Secure Services (RITSS) program uses emerging technology to solve everyday problems and improve customer processes. Its capabilities and the process itself can be adapted to meet client requirements to provide the most effective solution yielding operational efficiency, reduced risk and enhanced safety.

Remote Read can be performed on digital images or on film. In instances where film is used, the client only needs to ship the film– eliminating cost and unnecessary risk to parts. To do so, the product needs to be x-rayed on existing equipment and images uploaded into XRI’s DoD and ITAR-compliant secure servers. Once this is done, an Applus+ XRI Testing certified inspector will perform the assessment without the product ever leaving the client’s facility.

Remote Inspection

Thanks to XRI’s remote scan services, ultrasonic testing can be performed securely between any two facilities worldwide. This means that Applus+ XRI’s inspectors can remotely access client on-site immersion tanks for level 2 or level 3 support, and even perform the job fully with little on-site assistance.

Remote Scan also allows inspectors to share resources, whilst keeping data completely secure.  To ensure the remote inspection goes swiftly,  Applus+ XRI sends clients everything they need to get started and even provides the basic training required.

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