Certification of facilities and workplaces with potentially explosive atmospheres as required by the ATEX Directive (99/92/EC)

Depending on a variety of factors, including the nature of the facility in question and the substances processed or stored within it, there may be a risk of explosive atmospheres and, as such, an obligation to comply with the ATEX Directive. This directive outlines the responsibilities of management to carry out all relevant risk assessments and to determine the measures that should be taken to eliminate these risks or reduce them to an acceptable level.
The category of flammable and/or combustible substances is not restricted to inflammable liquids and LPG; certain other substances, such as combustible dusts and fibres (cereal grains, sugar, aluminium, sulphur, textile fibres, etc.), equally have the potential to generate an explosive atmosphere. 
Applus+ solution
Applus+ provides ATEX certification services to a wide range of business types and sectors including agricultural, food, chemical, petrochemical, industrial, storage, manufacturing and battery-charging stations.
The ATEX certification process comprises a series of distinct stages. Applus+ can provide support at any one of these stages or take a client through the entire process, according to their specific needs:
  • Explosion Protection Document (EPD):
    • Preliminary study and report to assess current compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Proposal of measures to adopt (both organisational and technical)
    • Support with drawing up the Explosion Protection Document:
      • Risk assessment
      • Classification of areas according to their level of risk
      • Protective and preventive measures
      • Training in producing and updating EPDs
  • Conformity assessment and generation of certificates of conformity
  • Periodic third-party inspections, in line with relevant regulatory requirements, resulting in the issuing of verification reports
  • Prevention of accidents in the workplace
  • Identification of potential risks 
  • Access to ATEX experts to help ensure compliance with both the European directive and national regulations 

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