Virtual multisite testing remote control and monitoring platform for real-time interaction between the test facilities, the client, and their suppliers.

Aeronautical programs are characterized by their multisite nature and the collaboration between the constructor's, partners' and suppliers' teams. Management of these programs has usually been based on the transfer of specialized teams, which entails management and communication problems, as well as increased costs and product development times.

This problem is especially critical in aeronautical tests, as they are the last stage of a long process of developing high value prototypes and any deviation or problem during the test can lead to delays in bringing the product to market.

Our solution

The Applusetesting platform enables the online management, monitoring and control of tests and other aerospace industry projects that require real-time tracking by the client and their suppliers. Applusetesting has been specially developed to lower the risks associated with the tests and speed up the time required to validate the aeronautical programs.

Scope of the service:

  • Online and real time multisite access for all the agents involved in the test
  • Test monitoring and control customized for each agent based on his role: (supplier, manager, test manager, test leader, engineering team, etc.)
  • Real time access to test data (customized layout):
  • Viewing the test from all angles and scales (from test rig to piece details)
  • Graphical display of the test's control parameters
  • 3D visualization of the test specimen with its sensors
  • Real time comparison of the test data with the predictions
  • Programming of alarms to control the test's critical phases
  • Customized layout for each agent
  • Remote management of the results and project documentation
  • Tool to automatically create customized test reports for each agent

The Applusetesting system is applicable to any category of aerospace testing and at all program scales (coupons, details, subcomponents, components, full scale model)

  • Material and mechanical tests
  • Metal materials tests
  • Composite materials tests
  • Mechanical and structural tests for the aerospace industry
  • Aging and fatigue tests
  • Fire and thermotechnical tests
  • Vibration and shock tests
  • Electrical and EMC tests for aerospace products.
Applus+ has been working for more than 15 years with major aircraft manufacturers and is present in the major aerospace clusters.
  • Remote and real time monitoring of multiple tests, regardless of where they are performed.
  • Reduce the time needed to analyze the data from each test and from the entire testing program
  • Reduce traveling time for highly qualified staff while monitoring the tests
  • Improve communication between the agents involved in the tests (laboratories, builder's, partners' and suppliers' teams)

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