European Certification Body (ECB) recognises Applus+ as testing laboratory for safes and strongrooms


    ECB·S is a voluntary certification scheme for security products that enjoys widespread recognition at both a European and an international level. 

    In Europe, physical security products are not covered by CE marking. In order to demonstrate the quality of their products and set themselves apart from their market competitors, manufacturers can, therefore, choose to seek certification under voluntary schemes. A range of voluntary schemes exist, all of which are well-established in their countries of origin. For the time being, however, ECB·S is really the only scheme to have been rolled out across Europe.  
    The Applus+ physical security laboratory is now ECB·S-approved to carry out the testing necessary under ECB·S product certification. The scope of this accreditation extends to tests to determine a product’s security level (from 0 to 3), as set out in European standard EN 1143-1 for safes, strongrooms, and strongroom doors. 
    This recognition confirms Applus+ as Spain’s benchmark physical security laboratory and strengthens the company’s position at a European level. Additionally, Applus+ has its own voluntary certification mark for security products, a mark leader in the Spanish market.