Electric Vehicles: Testing the balance between high-power components and heat generation


    Electric vehicles (EVs) incorporate high-power components that require a higher current supply than ICE electronics, dissipating more heat as a result.

    Heat management is a key issue when testing the environmental performance of these components, particularly those involved in passenger thermal comfort and battery conditioning, like air heaters and coolant heaters.

    Environmental testing of high voltage equipment

    At Applus+ Laboratories, we keep investing in the latest test solutions to support our customers in the EV revolution. Among them, next-generation equipment for environmental testing of HV (High Voltage) components. 

    Testing temperature/humidity cycles of HV heaters in operating mode requires state-of-the-art climatic chambers. Ours have high heat dissipation capacities for testing air heaters, and they are equipped with chillers for testing coolant heaters too. 

    Newer test specifications will require more specialized labs, able to handle the very latest innovations. As an example, climatic cycles can last as long as two months, so testing multiple samples in parallel is customary. However, heating dissipation capabilities will now mark a  lab’s real capacity to test several samples in a single chamber.  

    Complete test sequences for electric heaters and other HV components

    Our advanced facilities boast all the necessary equipment to conduct complete test sequences for HV components: EMC, Electrical and Vibrations testing.  

    Contact us for more information. 

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