Applus+ TST partners with Metro de Granada in fire drill


    In December, Metro de Granada organized a fire drill to test the efficiency of their Auto-Protection Plan and the level of coordination between the metro’s operational team and the security team, firefighters, civil protection and emergency personnel.

    Applus+ TST, a company specialized in the creation of real-scale fires in tunnels, took part in the drill by recreating the conditions of low-visibility smoke of a real fire in the metro. The Applus+ technicians, thanks to specific machinery, were able to monitor the flow, progression, and a temperature of up to 60 ºC.

    Applus+ TST is a global leader in fire and ventilation testing in tunnels. The company has unique facilities in Europe, including a 600-meter long experimental tunnel and a 150-meter long emergency and service gallery, which allows us to test and verify the capabilities of the protection systems against fire in real fire conditions inside a tunnel.

    Applus+ TST also organizes training courses for emergency response teams, firefighters and rescue brigades from around the world. The training courses include hands-on exercises and intervention drills in tunnels and galleries within a real-scale fire scenario.