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What is Materials Portal?

The Materials Portal is an innovative Digital+ solution offered by Applus+ Laboratories, designed to revolutionise the way industries access, analyse and use materials data. This comprehensive digital platform serves as a gateway to a vast library of materials data, covering more than 10,000 materials and 180,000 variations, along with 2 million parameters.

It is designed to support materials research and development processes in various industries by providing direct access to a wealth of data collected from a variety of industry sources. It includes material models and CAE plugins, making it an indispensable tool for engineers and researchers worldwide.


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Key Features of Materials Portal

  • Data access: Access to a wide range of published materials data from a variety of industry sources easily and remotely.
  • Reliable data: Our data is representative, such as flow curves, stress-strain diagrams and fatigue behaviour as a function of temperature.
  • Comparable data: Ability to compare chemical, mechanical, physical, technological, thermal, electrical and corrosion properties of portal materials.
  • Compatibility: Facility to download material data sheets for Ansys, Abaqus and other CAE solvers.
  • Material equivalency: Access to international standards, shapes, sizes and supplier information.
  • Compliance information: Access to information to ensure that projects are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Benefits of Materials Portal

The Materials Portal gives engineers the confidence to make informed decisions:

  • An end-to-end solution: Access, analyse and leverage a wide range of materials data from a single platform.
  • Assured accuracy: Confidence in the reliability and validation of characteristic values.
  • Efficient retrieval: Efficient search function to easily find the data you need quickly and easily.
  • Seamless integration: Direct export of material cards to multiple solvers, improving workflow efficiency.
  • Material substitution: Access comprehensive supplier information and synonyms for efficient material substitution.
  • Global translation: Guaranteed market equivalence with recoding for different countries.
  • Clear comparison: Effortless material comparison through an easy-to-use interface.

Why choose Applus+ Laboratories and Materials Portal

Choosing Applus+ Laboratories and the Materials Portal means partnering with a leader in digital innovation for product development and testing and certification, recognised for improving product competitiveness and driving innovation.

Our Digital+ suite, which includes the Materials Portal, is designed to bridge the gap between traditional methodologies and the future of digital innovation. We provide validated data, real-time information on testing processes and centralised data management platforms.

This not only accelerates development timelines, but also improves product reliability and promotes sustainability, traceability and integration into product design. 
With our Digital+ data tools, you have access to reliable and easily accessible data for product development, ensuring that every decision is backed by comprehensive and meticulously validated data.

Our compatibility with leading CAE tools and compliance with international standards means that the data available through our Digital+ solutions is directly applicable to your projects, saving valuable development time.

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