Part of Applus+ Laboratories, Applus+ DatapointLabs Technical Center for Materials is a US-based centre of excellence for the characterization of physical properties of materials required for product development, CAE and R&D. Its mission is to strengthen the materials core of manufacturing enterprises to facilitate their use of new materials, novel manufacturing processes and CAE product development.

Key areas of benefit include: simulation-driven product development, providing materials characterization for more accurate material models for CAE simulation; OEM materials supplier qualification, providing testing on behalf of materials suppliers to meet OEM materials specifications; and  materials portfolio qualification, providing materials characterization for usage qualification in an enterprise materials portfolio.

Applus+ DatapointLabs has 28 years' experience in materials characterization, testing 2000+ materials per year to rigorously precise ISO/ASTM requirements to support product design and simulation. We have a global clientele of 1800+ companies in 49 countries, including 100+ Fortune 500 manufacturing-based companies.

Applus+ DatapointLabs Accreditations

Applus+ DatapointLabs is ISO 17025 accredited, and Nadcap accredited for the mechanical and thermal testing of non-metallic materials and the mechanical testing of metals. Its depth of expertise allows it to test more than 2000 materials per year, conducting rigorously precise ISO/ASTM testing to support product design and simulations.

Applus+ DatapointLabs Services

Applus+ DatapointLabs has developed a very extensive catalogue of material tests and software solutions to help companies build enduring data collections that accurately represent the materials used in their products.

It boasts test standard expertise and is intimately familiar with common OEM test standards across a broad range of test categories. Thanks to this, it has been recognized by leading OEMs as an approved test lab for supplier materials characterization.

General Testing Capability (TestCart)

Applus+ DatapointLabs online TestCart catalogue offers 168 unique tests, covering all aspects of mechanical, thermal and rheological materials characterization. Its testing capabilities cover characterization over a wide range of materials, thermal and environmental conditions, and challenging material behaviour. And offer typical 5 business day delivery of characterization data following receipt of test materials.

Testing fo CAE Simulation (TestPaks, CAETestBench)

Applus+ DatapointLabs offers a single step from raw materials to CAE with 179 unique TestPaks providing CAE simulation-ready material files directly from materials characterization. TestPaks has been jointly developed with software vendors for many common material models across 36 CAE software packages. It also offers mid-stage simulation validation with CAETestBench, which probes simulation accuracy against the controlled physical test of a standardised geometry.

Advantages of CAE Simulation

TestPaks are based upon accurate, relevant material characterization, enabling more accurate material models for CAE simulation, and decreasing the gap between simulated and actual performance and behaviour.

Both TestPaks and CAETestBench support more accurate simulation, smoothing the product development path, leading to fewer errors, surprises and missteps, and reducing both risks as well as cost and time.

Testing for OEM Materials Suppliers

Applus+ DatapointLabs is recognized as an approved test lab for supplier materials characterization by leading OEMs. Its experts are intimately familiar with common OEM test standards across a broad range of test categories. In addition to characterization data, it offers CAE simulation-ready material files from testing as required by OEM test standards.

Materials Data Management Software (Materiality)

The management of materials data presents multiple challenges, given its varied nature and the breadth of its application across an enterprise. Matereality offers a robust and scalable platform that enables the secure management of enterprise materials information and the building and maintenance of enduring materials libraries.

It incorporates analytical tools and software modules to aid users in their daily tasks, ranging from the visualisation and analysis of data to the generation of CAE-specific material files. Matereality provides a unified materials knowledge core that facilitates every interaction with materials data.

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