Verify the conformity of your construction products in compliance with the Saudi regulations


On January 1, 2019, the Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization of Saudi Arabia (SASO) started SALEEM, the Saudi Product Safety Programme, with the intention of guarantying security and quality standards for all imports that are to be commercialized in the local markets. In SALEEM, SASO has established 3 types of products based on the risks they entail:

  1. Low-risk products: they are not covered by a Technical Regulation, they just require a Declaration of Conformity from the exporter to prove compliance.
  2. Medium-risk products: subject to a Technical Regulation and verified by a certification entity accredited by SASO under the ISO-17.065 (1a, 3, or 5) certification scheme. The entity will then give an annual Product Certification of Conformity (PCoC) and a Shipping Certification of Conformity (SCoC) for every shipment. 
  3. High-risk products: in addition to following the same regulations as medium risk products, high-risk products require a special certification by SASO. This certification implies specific labeling that must be present in both the products and their packaging (G- Mark, EER, Water use efficiency, SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate, or SASO QM, among others).

All the products that require certification are listed in the Technical Regulations, published in the SABER/FASAH online platform. 


As a Notified Body by the Saudi government, Applus+ Laboratories has a scope of accreditation (P-CB 0351 as of 17/02/2020) that covers the following Technical Regulations (TR):

TR. 1

The sector of metals and their alloys for buildings and constructions.

Type 3

TR. 2

Insulation and cladding materials for buildings

Type 3

TR. 4

Bricks, tiles, ceramics, sanitary ware and related products

Type 3

TR. 6

Doors and windows

Type 1a

TR. 23

Firefighting equipment and materials

Type 3


Applus+ Laboratories offers a complete service for the testing and certification of these construction products


The products included in the Technical Regulations by SASO must comply with the rules established in SALEEM/SABER and have completed the designated processes before the products are shipped to Saudi Arabia. 

First process: Sample collection and testing

  • Determine the tests required by SASO for the specific product.
  • Sample collection and shipment to an Applus+ laboratory ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.
  • Issuance of the corresponding test reports. 

Second process: Product Certification of Conformity (PCoC)

  • Review of the request received via the SABER/FASAH portal.
  • Distributor’s submission of the required documentation to conduct the evaluation.
  • Evaluation of the documentation provided by both distributor and laboratories towards the issuance of the PCoC.
  • Audit of the factory production system (only applicable to Type 3 products).
  • Issuance of the report based on the process results.
  • Issuance of the PCoC certification via the SABER portal.

Third process: Shipping Certification of Conformity (SCoC)

  • The distributor requests the issuance of the SCoC through the SABER platform.
  • The distributor submits the required documentation for the shipment and the technical evaluation provided by an Applus+ Laboratories certification expert. 
  • Issuance of the SCoC through the SABER platform. 
  • This process must be conducted for each shipment the distributor wishes to send to the Saudi market. 

Recurring controls

Once the PCoC has been issued, the manufacturer must allow Applus+ Laboratories (while the certification is valid) to access the production centers and provide the required information in relation to testing, stock, quality registry, and product security or any other information about the production control system, needed to ensure the properties of the product.


On July 1, 2020, SABER and FASH will be connected. FASAH is now the official platform from which to regulate all imports and exports in Saudi Arabia. The communication between both platforms will ensure that no regulated product will enter the country without their corresponding PCoC and SCoC. At Applus+, we are prepared to offer the certification service in an agile way, without delay, and with every guarantee that our evaluations and technical reports are issued according to the requirements form the official Saudi entities.

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