Control room operators in tunnels have a key role to play in the event of a fire. Their decisions and actions in an emergency will be key in managing the fire and ventilation systems, as well as any possible evacuation. Operators' reaction to a real fire situation requires critical decision-making in times of stress, both personally and for the people who may be trapped in the tunnel. Therefore, having practical experience of tunnel fire situations with real fire and smoke can make all the difference.



Applus+ TST has a 600-metre-long tunnel for the practical tests, similar to a two-way road tunnel. It features emergency exits to a gallery and as well as the most common tunnel ventilation systems. This experimental tunnel is specially prepared to carry out practical exercises with real fire and has long been used for training control room operators and road/maintenance personnel, firefighters, mine rescue teams and other professional profiles involved in emergencies in closed spaces.


The two-day training programme has 4 practical sessions and includes:

Practical test and demonstration with a real fire:

  • From inside the tunnel: evacuation exercises
  • From the control room: smoke evolution
  • Test-demonstration with white smoke from inside the tunnel
  • Practice in extinguishing a real fire

The course includes coffee and lunch for all participants. All exercises are coordinated and supervised by Applus+ TST personnel, maintaining all the necessary safety measures. On top of this, well-experienced special brigades participate, both for the control and evolution of the fire, as well as to act if necessary.    

Teaching hours: 12 hours



The certification process includes:

  • Pre-assessment of the candidate: based on training and work experience
  • Completion of Applus+ TST course
  • Practical training with real fire and smoke
  • Verification of aptitude
  • Assessment by the Applus+ Certification Commission

Issuance of the Applus+ certified Fire Management Tunnel Control Room Operator's Card, valid for 10 years. The renewal of the Card will be carried out based on verification of the Operator's continued work activity in the workplace. If the requirements are substantially modified, it will be a requirement to complete the course with updated contents.

The certificate will provide operators with recognition of their technical competence in intervention. For the tunnel management company, having Applus+ certified personnel offers confidence to users and specifiers. Applus+ certification provides transparency and guarantees the competence of personnel as the certificate is backed by an impartial and independent certification body with extensive technical knowledge in the field of fire safety in tunnels.



The certification is aimed at all road tunnel professionals, including companies managing operations and/or maintenance, tunnel safety and emergency managers, tunnel control room operators. The training is also of interest to engineers and consultants who design and plan tunnels, government personnel with responsibilities in the management of tunnels and roads and insurance companies.



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