The A+ Fire Safety mark* is a product certification scheme accredited by ENAC (a signatory of the Multilateral Recognition Arrangement, MLA) with accreditation number 12/C-PR054. The objective of this scheme is to certify the technical performance of active and passive fire protection products by evaluating their quality, traceability, reliability and technical characteristics.

The A+ Fire Safety mark stands out from other certification schemes on the market because it is backed by Applus+, a prestigious brand with over 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry. The strong reputation of Applus+ allows manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition when they bring their products to market.
The A+ Fire Safety mark is recognised by various governments in the Middle East in their respective Civil Defence programmes, which means that products which have been certified by Applus+ can be freely marketed in these countries.
* The A+ Fire Safety mark is the property of LGAI Technological Center S.A. (Applus+ Laboratories)

Verification of Applus+ product certificates (online database)



When starting a certification project, our experts carry out an initial study to characterise the fire protection system, the applicable regulations and the scope of the certification.

This initial study facilitates the optimisation of initial tests and necessary evaluations, as well as the estimated project timeline. During the process, designated Applus+ staff take product samples from the factory, which are then tested in the laboratory and used for the initial production control inspection. Once the tests have been completed, final evaluations are carried out to determine the final classification of the certificate. If the inspection and tests are satisfactory, the Certification Committee awards the corresponding certificate and authorises the use of the A+ mark on certified products.

To maintain and/or renew the certification, annual follow-up inspections are carried out in order to ensure that the quality of the product continues to meet the required standards.


Certified products are issued with a certificate detailing the product characteristics and its certified performance, along with information about tests and audits which have been carried out. This is presented in a clear and transparent manner for end users of the product, opinion leaders, insurers and public agencies.
This certificate helps end users and those recommending the product (architects, consultants, construction managers, insurers, etc.) to understand its characteristics and provide a technical response to legal requirements. An A+ Fire Safety seal is issued along with the certificate. This must appear on the product certificate with the identification number which allows its validity and authenticity to be checked by accessing an online database of products certified by Applus+ Laboratories.


The A+ Fire Safety mark opens doors to global markets. In particular, it provides access to markets in the Middle East, as it is recognised by most countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait).

In terms of the European market, the A+ Fire Safety Mark offers a voluntary certification scheme for fire protection products which are not regulated by CPR 305/2011. For products covered by the CPR, this certification accompanies the Certificate of Constancy of Performance (CE Marking).

In countries which do not have a specific certificate of conformity for fire protection products, the A+ Fire Safety mark adds value by offering regulatory bodies a verifiable certificate which guarantees the quality of the product.

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