The Middle East has various regulations in terms of market access for manufacturers and distributors of building materials. To ensure that the products sold and installed as part of a public or private infrastructure perform correctly, a rigorous certification process is necessary.


To assist the governments and authorities of the region, Applus+ Laboratories has designed a proprietary certification scheme that guarantees the quality of products through meticulous audits and intensive testing. The certification process ensures that the product meets the requirements of the region in terms of performance and safety capabilities.

More than 1000 Applus+ Fire Safety active certificates in the Middle East.

The A+ Fire Safety Mark grants manufacturers access to numerous markets as a quality distinctive that allows differentiation of your certified products for clients and authorities. This certification mark is recognized by countries in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan, amongst others.
Applus+ Laboratories has the approval of Civil Defense in the United Arab Emirates and other governmental organizations in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait and so forth, which allows us to to carry out the whole Fire Safety testing and certification processes for your products.


Requirements to obtain the Applus+ Fire Safety Mark:

For your products to be certified under the A+ Fire Safety mark, they must comply with international fire safety regulations and successfully complete the tests conducted at our facilities through accredited standards. In addition to this, our experts must audit the production centers at least once a year by means of our Particular Certification System. The annual factory inspection ensures that manufacturers maintain the quality and performance characteristics of the product over time.



Applus+ Laboratories is a European benchmark in fire safety

At Applus+ (LGAI Technological Center S.A.), our state-of-the-art fire safety laboratories have Quality Systems adhering to ISO/IEC 17025. We can carry out all the tests required by the main testing standards of reference.


A recognized certificate for manufacturers and distributors:

The A+ Fire Safety mark is issued along with the certificate. This mark must appear on the product certificate with the identification number, which allows governments and agencies to confirm the validity and authenticity of the certificate against an online database of products certified by Applus+
Laboratories. The certificate specifies the product’s characteristics and its certified performance, along with information about tests and audits carried out. The certificate presents the data in a clear and transparent manner for consideration of end users, insurers, and public agencies. This certificate also helps end users and decision makers, purchasers and other stakeholders (architects, consultants, construction managers, and insurers, amongst others) to understand its characteristics and provide a technical response to legal requirements. The Applus+ Fire Safety mark opens the doors to trade opportunities and allows you to compete with other manufacturers in the Middle Eastern markets. We also have an online directory, where you can verify the current certificates:


Certified Products Directory



Applus+ is a global leader in the testing, inspection and certification sector, with more than 23,000 employees operating in up to 70 countries. The Applus+ Laboratories division is a benchmark in Europe in the field of fire safety testing and certification. Our network of versatile in-house laboratories and unique facilities offering full-scale fire testing, both in tunnels and in the open field. We offer a complete service to manufacturers of products requiring fire testing:

  • Certification and access to international markets
  • Fire simulation and full-scale fire testing in tunnels
  • Full-scale open field fire testing

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