The General Directorate of Civil Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recognizes the Applus Fire Safety mark as an accreditation scheme for construction products


    Manufacturers can use the Applus Fire Safety mark to demonstrate their product’s compliance with the country’s fire safety standards.

    The Applus Fire Safety mark is a product certification scheme accredited by 
    Spanish accreditation body ENAC. The objective of this scheme is to certify the technical performance of active and passive fire protection products by evaluating their quality, traceability, reliability and technical characteristics. 
    The approval from Civil Defense means that manufacturers can test their products at our fire laboratories in Spain to obtain the Applus Fire Safety certification. Manufacturers will be able to use this certification to demonstrate their product’s fire safety capabilities and enter the market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
    This approval comes after the Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recognized Applus Laboratories as a Conformity Body (ISO/IEC) 17065) to certify European products.
    Our experts in construction, fire safety, and acoustic testing will be available to guide product manufacturers with more information about the testing and certification process.