New EMC testing for EV-motors at Applus+ 3C Test


    This June, our UK laboratory Applus+ 3C Test conducted a first round of EV-motor EMC tests for Development Validation (DV), in static mode (rotor locked).

    Applus+ 3C Test will also carry out the Product Verification tests in dynamic mode, using the new high-power dyno, which will be installed in the lab at the end of July. 

    An EV-Motor DV campaign in static mode 

    Our testing centre at Silverstone (UK) has successfully conducted an EMC test campaign to validate the development of a new EV-motor. In this first campaign, which was successfully finished in June, the EV-motor was tested in static mode with the rotor locked. 

    Our client enjoyed a smooth service, with their engineers able to remotely participate in the campaign without travelling to the UK, thanks to the use of Hololens, one of our remote testing solutions .  

    What’s more, Applus+ 3C Test was able to perform the campaign with its own auxiliary equipment. They could support calibration and communication protocols themselves, meaning the client didn’t need to send their much-used, costly equipment, which would be missed in the meantime. Our capabilities include: 

    • INCA HW (ES523) and SW, enabling superior monitoring of your component/system and providing you with the means to adapt calibration protocols accordingly. This is a critical part of determining the worst-case test mode for the assessment of electric drive units.
    • CAN FD and CANalyser PRO: To complement the INCA HW and SW, we can also provide Vector HW with both CANalzyer PRO and CANoe SW licenses to operate and monitor your products - only the SW setup is required.

    EV-Motor Product Verification campaign, in dynamic mode

    In September, this EV-motor will start the product validation phase. Applus+ 3C Test will be assessing this electric drive motor dynamically, using a new high-power mobile dyno (~135 kW). This new dyno has been developed by our engineering team and will be installed in the UK EMC lab at the end of July.  It will enable us to test EV-motors with a loaded system, removing the need for rotor locked/static testing and thus providing excellent correlation with the vehicle level EMC performance.

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