Applus+ Shanghai Laboratories granted Nadcap Merit Status in Non-Metallic materials Testing


    The Nadcap merit program was created to reward superior performance in Nadcap audits. Entering the merit program represents an important recognition for top class testing laboratories.

    Applus+ Shanghai was China’s first Nadcap accredited laboratory in non-metallic testing back in November 2014 and achieved the Nadcap accreditation in metallic testing in September 2016.

    The Applus+ materials testing laboratory in Shanghai, also accredited by major OEMs in the aerospace industry such as Airbus, Safran, Honeywell and Comac, offers proximity services with high quality procedures, experienced staff and expertise in metallic and non-metallic materials testing.

    We are extremely pleased to have been awarded the Nadcap Merit Status. This is proof of the skill and dedication of our team in delivering top-quality services and makes Shanghai the latest addition to our ‘Merit Status’ labs in Illescas, Barcelona and Bremen.

    Applus+ has built up a network of laboratories in Europe, the USA, and China, holding Nadcap accreditations in the areas of metallic materials testing, non-metallic materials testing and non-destructive testing.