Applus+ accredited as security laboratory for LINCE certification


    The LINCE certification is one of the access routes towards the new IT security product catalogue of the Spanish government administration. 

    Applus+ Laboratories has obtained the accreditation as a security laboratory in the evaluation of Information Technologies (IT) under the LINCE standard. With this new accreditation, Applus+ Laboratories expands the reach of its services in cybersecurity evaluation and consolidates as the main Spanish laboratory in this market. 
    LINCE is an evaluation and certification methodology for cybersecurity in Spain developed by the National Cryptology Centre (CCN). 

    Access route towards CCN’s IT security products catalogue
    One of the main advantages of certifying under the LINCE standard is that it grants access to the new IT security product catalogue (Medium Level). It is also a more affordable certification option in terms of economic and time investment than the Common Criteria international certification. 
    The catalogue lists the IT reference products that have been evaluated by an accredited laboratory and supervised by the CCN.
    Both the Spanish public administration and its suppliers must use the products listed in this catalogue for their information systems. For this reason, being included in the catalogue has become a pre-requisite to be able to provide products and solutions in cybersecurity to the Spanish public administration. 
    Applus+ Laboratories is also accredited to certify the Common Criteria scheme up to EAL5+. This certification, which benefits from international recognition but involves a higher level of requirement to accomplish, is another option to be included in the catalogue, especially for those products that require a stronger level of security (High Level).