Founded in 2005 as Tunnel Safety Testing, S.A, and headquartered in Asturias (Spain), Applus+ TST became part of Applus+ Group in 2018, specifically as part of the Applus+ Laboratories Division.

Applus+ TST accreditations

Applus+ TST is an ENAC-accredited laboratory pursuant to ISO/IEC 1725 to test mechanical aerators for smoke and heat control (fans) in accordance with the standard UNE-EN 12101-3:2016.

Applus+ TST services

Applus+ TST is one of the technological centres in which real-scale firefighting tests are carried out. The facilities include:

  • 600-metre-long tunnel
  • Ventilation test chamber
  • Bioclimatic building

Different products are tested there under real fire conditions:

  • Ventilation equipment and systems
  • Firefighting and detection systems
  • Construction components and materials for tunnels

This centre also includes a portable safe smoke machine. This tool allows generating opaque and hot smoke simulating a real situation without damaging existing premises. It is used both for training purposes and suitability studies.

Different training courses are also taught at these facilities:

  • Training on tunnel fire intervention (firefighters and mining rescue brigades)
  • Training on tunnel fire management (tunnel operation, maintenance and engineering)


Applus+ TST

Real-scale fire testing

Thanks to real-scale tunnel fire testing we can validate the appropriate fire protection measures that should be taken in a facility, reproducing real fire conditions in confined areas.

High-temperature fan testing

It also has an ENAC-accredited laboratory to certify high-temperature fans according to the standard UNE-EN 12101-3. There are two test rigs for high-temperature fans, hot dip furnaces for small- and medium-sized fans, and a recirculation furnace to make tests for fans with a maximum 3.2-metre diameter and a maximum power of 1.5 MW.

Training on fire management and intervention in tunnels and galleries

As a leading institution, Applus+ TST has over 15 years of experience offering fire training to different professionals:

  • Emergency staff (fire fighters, mining rescue teams, etc.) have been trained on fire intervention in underground tunnels and pipes.
  • Engineers and other staff members engaged in tunnel management and maintenance have been trained on fire management in underground tunnels and pipes. 

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