Founded in 1988 under the name Cámara Laboratorios Metrología, and headquartered in Madrid (Spain), CLM became part of the Applus+ Group in 2023, specifically the Applus+ Laboratories Division.

CLM (Cámara Laboratorios Metrología) Accreditations

We have different authorisations as a notified body, metrological control body and authorised metrological verification body, as well as an authorised laboratory for the testing and checking of the guarantee of objects made of precious metals.

We also have different ENAC accreditations referring to the activity of Calibration, inspection, testing and commissioning of measuring instruments.

  • Standard 386/EI616. Legal metrology
  • Standard 231/C-PR430 Legal Metrology
  • Standard 74/LC10.049. Calibrations
  • Standard 47/LE111. Tests in the industrial sector

CLM (Cámara Laboratorios Metrología) Services

CLM is a metrology laboratory highly specialised in various areas of legal metrology and industrial calibration. It also provides legal metrology services from its facilities located in Madrid and/or at home, if the client so requires.

Legal metrology and Calibration

CLM offers accredited calibration services, as well as legal metrological verification according to Order ICT/155/2020 of 7 February, complying with the requirements of our legislation, in relation to measuring instruments of the following magnitudes:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Volume
  • Multidimensional calculation instruments
  • Weight
  • Mass
  • Gases
  • Amusement machines
  • Taximeters

Precious metals

CLM is a benchmark in the contrast and analysis of precious metals (gold, silver and platinum).

Precious metals contrast

According to Spanish legislation, before any object made of precious metals (gold, silver or platinum) can be marketed in our country, they must undergo a contrast test to guarantee their degree of purity. This level of purity is commonly known as the Law of the metal. In our laboratories we carry out the contrast tests, which are compulsory whether the object has been manufactured in Spain or is an imported object.

Precious metals analysis

The best way to determine the value of a piece is to carry out a laboratory analysis of it. The analysis will determine the grade of the metal of which the part is composed, the grade being the proportion by weight of pure metal in the alloy.

CLM industrial calibration

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