As the automotive industry aims to meet new challenges and time to market, optimising and facilitating the testing process for quality control and R&D is critical.   

Applus+ CFI is an essential asset in Applus+ Laboratories mission to become a one-stop shop for top OEMs in China. This accredited automotive component testing lab counts with solid accreditations, testing capabilities and a diligent team of experts to meet growing industry needs.

Applus+ CFI accreditations

Applus+ CFI is accredited by the following national Chinese entities: China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and China Metrology Accreditation (CNA).  

Additionally, it is recognised and trusted by top OEM and auto-component manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW, General Motors, Saic-VW and Hozon Auto.  

Applus+ CFI services

The Applus+ CFI technical team rigorously tests components for fatigue and durability, environmental conditions and vibrations, performance and functionality against international and national standards. 

Its facilities are equipped for testing automotive components. Catered to meet specific market and manufacturing demands, Applus+ CFI also develops specific equipment for performance and durability testing.

Seating testing

Along with testing the seat’s durability, to evaluate the friction caused by its constant ingress and egress, experts must ensure all areas of the seat’s durability are accounted for.

Applus+ CFI is fully dedicated to seating testing, this includes:  

  • Acceleration and deceleration in sled testing. 
  • Vibrations and acoustics: including bumping creep, vibration endurance, multiaxial vibration systems, and BSR (Buzz, Shake and Rattle) testing.  
  • Durability and performance: the mechanical endurance of each seat element is tested with the latest measurement and stability equipment.  

Airbags and seatbelt testing

From airbags to seat belts, Applus+ CFI conducts several tests for these type of automotive components such as:   

  • Airbag static deployment tests. Equipped with ignition systems and conditioned to simulate high or low temperatures. This testing process meets the required conditions and standards for whole vehicles and components.   
  • Seat belt function and durability test. External forces, such as extraction and retraction, release and insert, are simulated to ensure buckle and retractor durability and webbing abrasion.   
  • Conditions such as dust, thermal shocks, vibrations, mechanical shocks and sunshine are performed through environmental tests.

Thermal management systems and piping

Automotive products must fully function without failing and resist fatigue and pressure, even whilst under wide temperature ranges and fluctuations.   

Thermal simulations help ensure the durability of materials, that gaskets remain leak-free and that pumping systems can perform effectively- even if there’s medium temperature and viscosity. These are some of the specific testing services that Applus+ CFI provides to ensure this happens:   

  • Water, air and oil pulse pressure tests. 
  • Tensile strength, insertion force and pullout force tests 
  • Bursting strength and pressure tests  
  • Airtight leakage: leak, vacuum and temperature cycle test.

Testing for other automotive components

Applus+ CFI can conduct both environmental tests and customised performance and durability tests on a wide range of components, such as:

  • Sunroofs
  • Wiper & washer
  • Body Control Modules (BCM)
  • Glove boxes
  • Visor curtains
  • Cross bars
  • Shock absorbers

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