Founded in 1984 under the name AFC Ingenieros, and headquartered in Madrid (Spain), it became part of the Applus+ Group in 2023, and specifically of the Applus+ Laboratories Division.

AFC Ingenieros Accreditations

AFC Ingenieros laboratory is accredited by ENAC for the industrial calibration of several industrial metrology magnitudes.

AFC Ingenieros Services

In addition to industrial calibration and maintenance services, they offer software solutions, studies and technical reports. It also distributes various products.

Industrial Calibration

Our technicians at AFC engineers offer industrial calibration for the following magnitudes:


AFC Ingenieros provides maintenance services to a large number of companies in the field of telecommunications, telephony and electromedicine. It also provides services to several official organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Public Works, Directorate General of Police, etc.

These services can be contracted through individual equipment repairs or through maintenance contracts.

Maintenance for instrumentation for measuring electrical magnitudes

  • Multimeters.
  • Oscilloscopes.
  • Power supplies.
  • Generators.
  • Counters.
  • Audio Analysers.
  • Spectrum Analysers.
  • Scalar Analysers.
  • Vector Analysers.
  • Oscillators.
  • Graphic recorders.
  • Microwave systems.
  • Power meters.
  • Calibrators.

Maintenance for specific instrumentation

  • Sound level meters. 
  • Audiometers.
  • Dosimeters.
  • Laboratory instrumentation

Maintenance for other types of instrumentation

  • Equipment and systems for measuring telecommunications, meteorology, etc.
  • Logic analysis systems (component and card testing).
  • Automatic systems for measuring water, gases in air, emissions, etc.
  • Analogue and digital signal analysis systems.


AFC Ingenieros offers software for the acquisition and processing of air pollution data.

Data Acquisition System

The software acquires data from various analysers, allowing the calculation of averages and statistics, as well as the subsequent sending of the processed data to other servers or a data processing centre (DPC).

The software has the following functionalities:

  • Analogue input processing (Voltage, Current, Resistance).
  • Processing of digital inputs (RS-232, Ethernet).
  • Storage of configurable averages.
  • Storage of statistics (maximum, minimum, deviation).
  • Data validation at source.
  • Graphical representation of data.
  • List representation of the data.
  • In the versions in which the communication with the equipment is digital, it is also possible:
    • Storage of the status of the equipment.
    • Storage of alarms.
    • Remote operation of the equipment.
    • Relocation of stations.

Data Exploitation Software

This software is designed to exploit data from multiple stations from a central server or CPD.

The software consists of several modules, which are detailed below:

  • Data: It allows importing and exporting data from the different stations.
  • Validation: Validates data both manually and automatically and sends the changes made to the DPC.
  • Graphs: Displays graphs of each of the station parameters and exports them as images or pdf.
  • Reports: Generates reports automatically from the data received.
  • Configuration: Allows the configuration of stations and equipment, as well as the connection to the DPCs.


AFC Ingenieros offers services in the installation, supply, maintenance, operation and calibration of meteorological towers.


In addition to calibration, AFC Ingenieros distributes measuring equipment of different magnitudes and different companies. It mainly distributes electrical equipment of different brands: CHAUVIN ARNOUX, FLUKE, TEKTRONIX, ROHDE & SWARTZ.

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