Ensure that your products comply with the current regulations of your target market. 

Fire and smoke control dampers are essential elements in fire protection systems. Their main purpose is to prevent the spread of fire and to stop flames or hot gases from passing through ventilation ducts. Smoke control dampers are also part of the system that regulates temperature control and smoke evacuation. Manufacturers and importers of dampers are directly responsible for ensuring that their products work properly before their installation, and they must be able to show that their dampers comply with current regulations in order to be able to sell their products in target markets. 


International Regulations

  • In order to market products in the European Union (EU), manufacturers must obtain the CE marking of their products, based on the criteria specified in product standards EN 15650 (Fire Dampers) and EN 12101-8 (Smoke Control Dampers). 
  • Manufacturers who want to sell their products in the USA and in member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait) must be able to demonstrate conformity to standards UL 555 (Fire Dampers) and UL555S (Smoke Dampers), which define the testing requirements for both mono-sector and multi-sector damper systems.

Applus+ offers a complete testing and certification service for dampers

Our methodology:
Our experts study each project and identify the optimal certification route for the manufacturer’s dampers. This study helps to identify which models of the product are most adequate as testing samples in order to achieve the maximum number of certified models with the lowest number of tests. Our services include:

  • Project study and selection of samples 
  • Accredited laboratory testing and product classification
  • Issuance of extension reports for results
  • Initial and annual inspection of the factory production control (FPC) 
  • Issuance of certificate of conformity  

Our laboratories:
We have our own laboratories and highly specialized and versatile equipment, which allows us to carry out all the tests required for each product. 

  • Fire resistance tests: Eight furnaces with different configurations, which in most cases allow us to test dampers in both of their configurations at the same time
  • Performance tests
    • Pressure drop tests using aerodynamic benches 
    • Corrosion tests 
    • Aging tests 
    • Leakage tests 
    • Acoustics tests

Access to Global Markets

European market: CE Marking
Applus+ Laboratories provides a complete testing and certification service for the CE marking of Fire and Smoke Control Dampers. 
We are a Notified Body (NB 0370) in the European Union and our laboratories are accredited (C-PR054) to carry out testing specified in the product standards EN 15650 (Fire Dampers) and EN 12101-8 (Smoke Control Dampers). Our service includes:

  • Taking samples for testing
  • Carrying out tests according to European standards 
  • Initial inspection of factory production control (FPC)
  • Annual inspection of factory production control (FPC)

Accessing other markets: A+ Fire Safety Certification
For access to other markets, our experts work with manufacturers to define the optimal testing and certification plan for their products and target markets. To enable manufacturers of fire protection products to access global markets, Applus+ Laboratories has created the A+ Fire Safety certification. The A+ Fire Safety certification gives access to markets in the Middle East, as it is a recognized scheme by the Gulf Cooperation Council. 

Advantages of the A+ Fire Safety mark:

  • It allows all tests and studies carried out on a product to be summarised in the same report in order to present the scope of its characteristics in an organized way. 
  • The mark is backed by a laboratory with worldwide recognition. 
  • It is an ENAC accredited certification scheme: ENAC (12/C-PR054).
  • In Europe, the A+ Fire Safety mark applies to those fire protection products not regulated by CPR 305/2011, providing a voluntary certification scheme for these products. 

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