Establishing the slip resistance coefficient for floors and paving as required by the Spanish Building Code.

Applus+ Laboratories specialises in conducting tests and providing solutions for different types of flooring and paving. Our technicians perform laboratory and on-site tests to determine the slip resistance coefficient and to identify the slip risk for all types of floor covering.
Slip resistance under the Spanish Building Code
In Spain, floors and paving must comply with requirements laid down in the Building Code on safety of use and access (CTE DB-SUA). It refers specifically to the risk of slips:
  • CTE DB SUA Chapter SUA 1 (Protection from risk of falling) 1 (Slip resistance)
  • CTE DA DB SUA/3 (Document annexed to the general guidelines above)
  • UNE ENV 12633:2003 Method to assess the slip/slide resistance of polished and unpolished flooring.
Our test results provide a slip resistance classification (Rs) under the Building Code:
Classification of floor slip resistance (Spanish Building Code)
Slip resistance Rs
Rs ≤ 15
15 < Rs ≤ 35
35 < Rs ≤ 5
Rs > 45
The resistance class required varies depending on where the flooring is to be used. Compliance with the slip resistance requirements must be demonstrated both in the works phase and during use:
Table 1.2 Floor slip resistance class, according to intended use
Location and characteristics of the flooring
Dry indoor areas:
- surfaces with a gradient below 6%
- surfaces with a gradient at or above 6% and stairways
Wet indoor areas, such as entries to buildings from outdoor areas (1), covered terraces, changing rooms, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, etc.:
- surfaces with a gradient below 6%
- surfaces with a gradient at or above 6% and stairways
Outdoor areas, swimming pools (2), showers.
(1) Except for direct access to areas of restricted use
(2) Where users are likely to be barefoot and on the bottom surface of pools in areas where the depth is no greater than 1.50m

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