Type Approval for radio and telecommunication devices that are intended to be marketed in Lebanon is based on TRA approval. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) was established in accordance with Law 431 of 2002 as an independent public institution assigned to liberalize, regulate, and develop telecommunications in Lebanon.



Type Approval regulations classify radio equipment into 4 categories, all of which are subject to the Type Approval regime operated by TRA.
This classification depends on the environment and impact of the product which is subject to the Type Approval regime operated by TRA.

  • Class 0: simple radio/telecom products which require minimum Type Approval requirements.
  • Class 1: simple radio/telecom products which operate in a confined environment, mostly limited to the customer premises.
  • Class 2: equipment for radio/telecom products which is more sophisticated and operates in a wider range than Class 1.
  • Class 3: advanced radio/telecom products which could have a significant impact on the network, security, safety, and/or regulations.

Furthermore, Base Station equipment such as GSM, UMTS and WiMax Base Stations, and Radio repeaters are addressed as Network Infrastructure Equipment (NIE).
For each Type Approval,  a Lebanese licenced importer is required, who will be in charge of contacting TRA, storing and issuing all the documentation needed, applying for TRA labels, and paying TRA fees. 

There are specific technical requirements requiring the testing to be done in-country. TRA testing activity is based on ETSI/FCC test reports, which can be performed exclusively by laboratories accredited by national accreditation bodies.

The length of validity of the certificate depends on the product class. It can be either indefinite or just valid for two years.    


The TRA Type Approval label is marked on both the product and its packaging. Here is the format of the Type Approval label for each of the radio/telecom product classes and the NIE: 

The TRA logo and import/manufacture license number for class 0 must be displayed, as well as the unique approval number issued by TRA for other classes of telecommunication equipment. It must follow the following requirements: 

  • The Type Approval label must be durable and recognizable.
  • The approval number/import/manufacture license number must be no less than 3 mm in height.
  • When the label is applied to the packaging of equipment, the minimum heights specified above must be at least doubled.

When the equipment is too small for the label, this must be applied to the user guide of the device.


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